BBC Documentary Wants Disabled Ppl Affected By Cuts

11/16/2010 02:51:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 6 Comments

Katie Rice tel. 02087427852 is doing a BBC documentary about how the cuts are affecting disabled people and is looking for people who have already been affected by cuts to  benefits or care funding to take part in a programme so if you know of anyone who has sufferred cuts already and they would be willing to take part in the programme could you or them get in touch with katie please.


Anonymous said...

First off, forgive me - I could see no place to make uncategorised comments. I want to ask a question relating to hypermobility.

I have near relatives who show extreme symptoms of hypermobility. My brother can rotate his thumb 360 degrees like a bottle-cap. I had never considered myself to be affected, but when I consulted a physio about my painful, crunchy knees, he said it was a classic symptom and that I did fit enough of the diagnostic criteria to be diagnosed with hypermobility.

My relatives have no such knee-issues, however. This may be due to my being more physically active than them.

My question is, does the physio's diagnosis sound right to you, and do you think that there is much that can be done? I ask you because you are apparently involved in hypermobility support and information networks that I have never accessed and I imagine this question comes up all the time, knee problems being common.

The physio said to strengthen the muscles, which I did and then some, but it's not solved the problem. Maybe it's unsolvable; I dunno.

I support what you're doing with this blog; I think that if the government weasels out of its duties to the citizenry it has nullified its moral legitimacy and the social contract. If it is going to facilitate an oligarchy it is really an anti-government in a more profound way than any anarchist movement. They are free-market extremists; the name 'Conservative' hardly seems appropriate for a party bent on tearing down a century's worth of social structures and safeguards.

Thank you for your time; sorry for the importunity.

Anonymous said...

The only way you will know is by seeing your GP and your consultant once he has sent you. I can rotate my thumb around and I can pull it out of the socket and put it back in.

Nobody can tell you on a blog you really do need to ask doctors who can actually see you and then check you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous, I have been to several GPs over the years and my meeting with the physio is the nearest I've come to receiving any meaningful assistance - hence the desperate tactics of opportunistically asking anyone who seems like they might know anything about it.


Hi The Daily G, like anon says there's not much I can say via a blog. What I can say is that the scenario you describe is echoed by a large proportion of hypermobile people.
I'd suggest you join the forums at as there's a really friendly, supportive bunch there who will be able to answer all your questions if the answers aren't already there.
Hope that helps, BG Xx

Anonymous said...

I'll give it a look; ta very much.



I tried to email your blog/proof reading email as I have good info on knee hypermobility, so can you check the emails on your blog, as mailbox may be full.

Thanks for the space Bendy, keep fighting, we're all in there fighting alongside.