The 12 Days Of Cripmas

12/20/2010 01:00:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 7 Comments

The 12 Days Of Cripmas is a topical take of a classic carol listing the benefits and services currently being removed from disabled people in Britain. The lyrics were written by a user of the Ouch messageboards, sent to Where's The Benefit and the track produced and directed by BendyGirl of The Broken Of Britain. We're all incredibly proud of Imana our 11 yr old singing star who's mum has Multiple Sclerosis.

Happy Christmas to you from all of us at The Broken Of Britain and Where's The Benefit 

Please share this track everywhere and let's see if we can get it some national media attention!


Brilliant, keep at it!! Best wishes from

Emma said...

Please tell Imana from me that was wonderful, and made me cry my heart out with its honesty and truthfulness, and she has an amazing voice, and what a buden to carry at 11 years old! That's one of the major issues of these cuts I think people forget, all the people who are relied upon by disabled people who are being hurt by this, being a good person shouldnt be punished it should be rewarded. my carer is a friend who does it entirely for free, because he has time on his hands so he can, but it isnt what he would choose and he isnt given even any financial help, advice or support, just left to get on with it. I know that he would stop if he was not scared for what would happen to me if he did. I have been on a waiting list to be assessed for a personal budget so that I can hopefully get a pa or carer to help me, but have been waiting endlessly it seems, and am appealing my dla refusal.. and under these new cuts I dont see it ever happening..

And thanks again for the blog I tell everyone to read your stuff I think what you do is brilliant and I'll help any ways I can

Emma x

Becky said...

Absolutely fantastic! I love the last line especially ; )

Casdok said...

Very clever 8)

myrtlemaid said...

Really excellent anyone know of ways to alert radio/tv and newspapers to report this as a story ?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant video. Pertinent and politically powerful!!

Awesome. Absolutely cracked me up!