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I appear to have had a party last night. Judging by the empty bottles of Malibu, Baileys, Brandy and Vodka sat in my kitchen, the rhubarb jam and dog chews in the garden it was a good one too. My neighbour's were drinking something called 'Bailey BooBoos' a sticky mixture of Bailey's and Malibu which I was far too sensible to even sniff at. It's a nice feeling to be the most well for once - even though I'm exhausted, in pain and coughing the lack of alcohol and early finish must've left me in far better condition than the drinkers.

It just sort of evolved - the best kind of party. Sitting in the sunshine for half an hour turned into more hours, more neighbours, take out food and alcohol. I fear we have now become the chav scum house of the road, sitting in the garden drinking, sometimes in our pyjamas and yesterday eating take out food outside. It's very Big Society and fortunately the neighbour's won't complain because they were there. Which amused all the drunk neighbour's as I got stressed last night on the grounds that we DO have other neighbour's who might not have appreciated our renditions of Del Amitri quite as much as we did. Mind you, the fact that we stayed outside while it was raining, determindley wrapped up in blankets as some sort of 'rain warding offer' talisman might mean they all think we're so bonkers we're not worth asking to be quiet. Or kept happy by the party finishing long before pumpkin time. Maybe.

Something was said last night which stood out from all the other somethings. We don't really talk about access or adaptations when we're all together; as we tend to socialise at home it's just naturally enabling and people offer help as and when I need it. Being in my flat during the evenings helps me as I can go straight to bed when I need, knowing that people are there to assist with anything I'm too tired to do and will turn up the next day to clean up and work off their hangovers. All just part of being friends and acknowledging other people's needs in whatever form they arise.

So when the subject of Dolores' hen night came up and ideas were discussed there was one sentence which summed up this philosophy. "Whatever we do, I want it so that Bendy can be there". Twelve words which say and mean everything. I was so touched I had tears in my eyes. The hen events will be planned not just so that I can join in with the activites, so that I can access the venues, but also so that it's at a pace I can keep up with, resting when needed. Because I'm wanted there. Wanted enough to change everything around if needed.

Just imagine what the world would be like, what the possibilities would be if disabled people were wanted by everyone, everywhere as much as that...


Casdok said...

It would be as it should be!

In the mean time we have our friends and our dreams :)

Anonymous said...

Iwish i had friends like that - In fact i wish i had some friends that were even any where near my post code. isolated for me - is an understatement. No big society here - I am invisible

e said...

You are indeed fortunate! Not much in the way of Big Society here, either, sadly enough. Enjoy the hen night.

Anonymous said...

Wish I had friends x