Radio 4 - You & Yours

5/10/2011 10:20:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 5 Comments

I will be appearing on today's Radio 4 You & Yours show between 12-1pm.


Emma said...

Listened to you, but have had to stop and listen to the rest later.. because I literally cant believe the things being said about disabled people!!! My 'social life' and 'life of luxury' is getting an only-option cab to an appointment and chatting to a nurse! apparently I must crawl to said appointment and not speak to anyone, would they like me to flaggalate myself with a cat of nine tails and do my own medical care as well?????!! they have no idea what eds and its related problems entails I dont have time for anything between appointments and being stuck in a bed! gah! ..
You did very well though I felt they didnt let you speak fully. :( x

Achelois said...

I heard you, well done. Just wish you had been given the air space to reply more fully. I was crying at the nastiness of some of the callers. Perhaps they would like to share my disabiliy for an hour and see if they have the same view. I however being a nice person wouldn't wish it upon even those whose opinions of the disabled seems to border on the discriminatory and they were given air time?

I just wish when they said we will come back to you, they could have!

Well done BG

Wheelie said...

Yeh, I'm going to have to listen to the rest later. It's bad enough having to deal with rubbish on the net without that...

I became so angry. Sheesh.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Fire Byrd said...

I caught half of the programme going between jobs.It made me furious that bloke they had on was a complete tosser. And some of the views from the women I heard made me want to scream and I'm not disabled! The level of ignorance was astounding about 'what fun' disability is. I'd like to get those people to come to the group I run for less abled women who are living on fresh air and want to die as they can't bear the endless and unremitting pain they are in.
God help us when people are that stupid.
Sorry I missed your bit,not sure I can bring myself to listen to it again.
I only wish I was in position to support the march tomorrow by being there on behalf of all my less able clients.

Emma said...

....That woman who said people who are disabled shouldnt get help if they smoke or "abuse" alcohol.. Well frankly I'd like to see her reaction if they took away her share of champagne and sherry!! What happened to PERSONAL BUSINESS?!?! I would rather starve in the gutter than jump through a million martyring hoops :( The attitude seems to be benefits are not ours, we must live a certain way to get them, I'd love to see the people who have the ordasity to say such things suddenly get told a million and one restrictions on their lives, ontop of everything. Frankly, I find it hard to eve respect the opionion of anyone on disability issues who have never even been there! They should be made to go everywhere in a wheelchair for a whole week, have their home filled with ugly medical equipment, have their lives taken over by doctors and be forced into non optional celebacy and lack of a social life by the pain... THEN they can talk disbility issues!