BBC Radio 5 Live - Disablist Abuse On Public Transport

6/12/2011 11:16:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 8 Comments

Link to last night's Steven Nolan show discussion about the levels of disablist abuse on public transport. Discussion starts about 1h 39mins and the Libertarian Alliance speaker trying to tell disabled people how bitter they obviously are has to be heard to be believed!


Did he get your name wrong?

And a pompous ass. For a 'libertarian' his first instinct is oddly to 'dictate' to people, even going so far as to dictate to you what your opinions are. It's not about censorship because harassment is already a crime and was when he was born. It isn't fair comment even in the United States under the First Amendment. If he were harassed, given his sensitivity to comments directed at him, he would be the first to demand his rights.

It's been my experience with 'libertarians' that their ideas are undeveloped and based on assuming the 20th century never happened; they have little to contribute in light of recent history.

Lorraine said...

Blimey...not much leaves me speechless.....linked from ron's rants I found your blog....and guardian article. There I was.....
Doing the usual, worrying about and planning a trip today, wheelchair? Scooter? Ask for help? Cab? How much ?can't get back on train as no staff at station....and then I listened to an idiot "talking"about THE disabled and public transport on radio 5 link.....thank you I am rendered speechless by a brainless idiot, but not "bitter" never that....more empowered... Thank you for your blog you have a new avid reader :-)

Anonymous said...

That guy was unbelievable!! I disagree with Mason, I don't believe it's because he is libertarian. Libertarians generally believe in freedom of speech, but not at the expense of verbal abuse, their reasons for their beliefs is so that there is a fairer society so his attitude actually goes against the usual libertarian way.
Quite simply, I think he was a moron, and that was the reason for his aggression.

Anyhoo, Bendygirl thank you so much, you did great and it was an interesting listen. Cheers.

Helen, I draw a distinction between 'temperamental libertarians' who are those who in the complexity and breadth of their varied and distinct ideas would prefer individual self-determination...and the likes of Sean Gabb of Libertarian Alliance who are ideological libertarians.

I'd describe this as being equivalent to being 'ideologically optimistic' in that you could have two people that believe in the same thing; the need for flying cars, but they do so for different reasons and purposes. One is an optimistic neo-motorist because it saves so much time or we need it because it opens up opportunities and the other is a pessimistic neo-motorist because we need flying cars because the roads are full, we need this because things are getting worse.

Neo-motorism is an entirely valid and coherent self-contained world-view in either form, even if it is completely made up by me. But then someone comes along and says they are neither kind of neo-motorist but that they are ideologically optimistic and in fact they accuse optimistic neo-motorists of not being 'real optimists' and pessimistic neo-motorists are 'authoritarian statists' trying to put Little Chef out of business with their unwarranted intervention in the growth of roads.

That's what ideological libertarianism is: it's not complete in itself but simply basic instincts stretched out and warped into a full world-view towards the prejudices of what ever group or individual is espousing it.

Sorry for off-topic, but Loud Libertarians are probably the most dumbest people wasting oxygen.

can I also just add that having looked up Libertarian Alliance, I can't understand WHY the BBC brought them on the show. Does Sean Gabb actually have any experience or knowledge of the subject being discussed to make a meaningful contribution? What was his relevance?

It can't possibly be that the BBC interprets the subject of disabled people being harassed as 'controversial' and therefore they have to get someone, anyone to offer a counter-point however inappropriate for reasons of 'balance'. Complaints should be made.

Fucking hell.

I don't really have much else to say.

Just...fucking hell.

I'm quite pissed off now.

Yes, he did get my name wrong!
On the subject of his knowledge of disability the Beeb were at pains to reassure me that Dr Sean Gabb doesn't actually have any experience of disability...but that he'd asserted he didn't hate disabled that's alright then eh?!

Kota said...

FFS! This guy was almost as bad as the eugenics woman a couple of months ago in the Riven Vincent interview. I am still frothing about that battle ax.

People need to remember that the disabled minority is one minority that they can join at any age or stage of their life. You are not just born into this minority.