BREAKING NEWS! DWP Admits Dodgy Data Use

8/11/2011 07:41:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 2 Comments

On the same day the UK Statistics Authority say the DWP must improve the way it presents data on disability benefit claims the DWP is forced to admit that it based sweeping disability reforms affecting hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled people on dodgy data.


Jan said...

So are they still not factoring in increased awareness? That could easily account for the 16%. When I went to the CAB about my IB they encouraged me to apply for DLA, and I assume a lot of people have had a similar experience. It comes naturally to only apply for subsistance-level benefits and try to get by.

PS. Hope you're doing ok, Bendy.

Anonymous said...

When I was dx I had never heard of DLA. When I saw the nurse who was helping me through she told me about DLA and told me to apply for it. Then the social care worker helped with forms etc as I didnt know what it was about. At that time i thought to myself 'My body may be failing but at least the govt care about me in this way' It made me feel like a somebody and not a scumbag nobody. Guess they have decided I AM a scumbag nobody now, and are on the attack to tell me I am fine when at this time there is NO cure for what I have. (And in all effects it has got worse every single year snce dx)

It makes me feel like I have no right to life, have no right to live, or even to laugh. I have no right to anything because this govt hates all disabled people - Thats how I feel today.