The Hardest Hit - A Week Later, Still Paying The Price

10/29/2011 12:38:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 5 Comments


Oh Bendy :/; I'm packing for a move, but have a spoon.

Irishmist said...

So sorry you're not feeling right yet a week on. Get well soon, lovely lady.

Achelois said...

Oh sweet friend, this is what it does to me also. Ehlers Danlos is a very cruel condition. I truly hope you feel better soon. I am on my fourth week of antibiotics, so looks like we are both having a good start on our immune systems for the coming winter. (feeble attempt at a stupid joke then) EDS, the big wide world seem not to mix, some days just surviving seems a step too far. I hope your smile returns soon even if we both know realistically our strength was never there in the first place. gentle hug my friend. xoxoxoxo

seed_drill said...

word Bendy, been following your blog since the last round of party conferences, took a lot of strength from it...also, plenty of righteous indignation. really helped me cope with those vogon mamzers at atos macht frei. thanks man!
one love.

I am sorry you are sick on top of the EDS too, I just want to say I hope things are better for you this month, you still look cute in your fluffy dressing gown! :-D