50 years post Beveridge much work remains to tackle the giant of ignorance

11/22/2011 12:19:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 3 Comments

 In 'Adults In Need' Sue Marsh explains the consequences of the latest government claims about idle sick people not wanting to return to work after 4 weeks out of the workplace. This video was made to give people some understanding of the length of time it takes to diagnose and treat acute illness exacerbating chronic conditions.


Achelois said...

Oh Kali, I am so sorry you are still so very unwell. Thank goodness for good people around you eh! I have shared the hardest hit petition on my blog and facebook page although both as you know have minimal readership. Some family and friends have however already signed. Also put this on my facebook via youtube. Evidence in itself I think.
Look after yourself and please don't berate yourself too much for not being able to campaign in the way that you want to. Although I understand that - my home is my prison feeling. Concentrate on you sweet girl.

misspiggy said...

Great video, hope it didn't exhaust you too much. You're blimming brilliant you are.

Adrian said...

Look after yourself.Lord Freud will argue that his "idleness" comments have been misconstrued and feign horror at the media representation.Lord Freud choses his words carefully and with intent.