breaking news - govt drop removal of mobility allowance for care home residents

11/29/2011 09:49:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 2 Comments

After weeks of rumour & speculation the government finally announce their decision to back down on their cruel plan to remove mobility allowance from care home residents. A plan so distasteful that a cynic might be forgiven for thinking it was only included in the bill so it could later be removed and the government could claim to have been reasonable and listened to campaigners.

Of course this 'reasonableness' is unlikely to extend to the vastly more expensive cuts in the wrb; the removal of dla from 20% of claimants in an expensive and retrogressive plan to switch to a so called personal independence payment and the time limiting of contributory esa a clear tax on working families who have paid their national insurance contributions.

So; we celebrate this victory with one eye firmly on the detrimental cuts the government insist are staying silent about.


Kaliya, call me a pessimist, but they still can withdraw it whenever they want. They just realised that they don't need to include it directly in the bill. They can stick it in the regulations or the Secretary of State can decide it on a whim because there has been no confirmation yet that the case law history for DLA will be preserved and crossed over to PIP. It was a tribunal precedent which made it possible for care home residents to claim Mobility in the first place. That will probably be erased.

Never take their word on anything.

Mason: I'm going to call you a 'seer' What's the betting thats *exactly* what they do a few years down the line?!