Disability News Round Up By John Pring - Week Ending 02/12/2011

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  • Mobility component u-turn: The government has refused to say how it will fund its decision to abandon plans to remove a key mobility benefit from disabled people in residential care.
  • Mobility component u-turn: The government has been accused of “incompetence” after it finally abandoned plans to remove mobility support from disabled people in residential homes.
  • Disabled people could face fresh cuts to spending on social care and other services and benefits in future years, campaigners fear.
  • Disabled activists have been left “bewildered” by the decision to present the minister for employment with an award for the accessibility of his website.
  • The government is urging disabled people to suggest measures they would like to see included in its new disability strategy.
  • Most of the remaining tickets for next year’s Paralympics in London have gone on sale.
  • A government department has been heavily criticised for ignoring the needs of disabled people in developing countries.
  • The Motability car scheme is facing anger from disabled customers over new restrictions that will make it harder for them to find personal assistants to drive their vehicles.
  • Recommendations in a major government-backed report on “sickness absence” have placed a worrying question-mark over vital new equality laws that protect disabled job-seekers from discrimination, say campaigners.
  • A “powerful and enlightening” series of experimental poems has captured the lives of four disabled people in their own voices.

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