Disability News Round Up By John Pring - Week Ending 3/02/2012

2/07/2012 11:08:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 1 Comments

  • A disabled senior government adviser has admitted failing to tell civil servants about freelance work she carried out for an insurance giant that is set to make millions from the coalition’s incapacity benefit reforms.
  • The disability movement looks set for a legal showdown with the government, after the coalition prepared to force its highly controversial welfare reform bill into law.
  • The government has sparked fury among disabled people’s organisations and activists after taking advantage of a rarely-used parliamentary procedure to force through some of the most unpopular parts of its welfare reform bill.
  • The company paid £100 million a year to test disabled people’s “fitness for work” has refused to continue cooperating with an “effective” new way of improving how decisions are reached, MPs have heard.
  • An MP has called for new laws to protect the dignity of disabled people forced to undergo intrusive security checks at airports.
  • A revolutionary new table could save the lives of wheelchair-users involved in train crashes.
  • The rail industry still has more to do to improve access, despite increasing numbers of disabled people using railcards, according to a leading expert.
  • Disabled activists who took part in a major protest over the welfare reform bill have warned the government they are planning further high-profile direct action.
  • Disabled activists have explained why they took part in a major direct action protest that brought large parts of London’s West End to a standstill at the weekend.
  • A leading MP has criticised the General Medical Council after a GP whose negligence allowed disabled people to be raped and neglected at two residential homes removed himself from the doctors’ register.

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biker-bri said...

whith everything going on at once i.e wrb, nhs, tax evasion & conflict of isue's within the gov, do you think that people are becoming distracted & confused. Is it just a coincedence that the gov have 2 major bills at the same time or is it a ploy to devide and conquer, what would happen if everyone concerned about all these isues protested at once, surely they all go hand in hand anyway could it happen, should it happen.If we all shouted together as one would moore people take notice ? sadly I dont posses the skill's needed to organise such an event a patition is one way but it needs to be one for all - the NHS one is drawing more signatures than the wrb because we are devided
I'm sorry if you think this is a rant at you it's not I have followed sparticus with great interest since the news broke in the new year. I realy do think that more voices = more clout

please forgive my aweful smelling as I am haveing trouble with my worms.
Regards Brian