Tonight's The Night! Wheelchair For Kali Gig, Panache, Hoylake

3/17/2012 10:21:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 2 Comments

It's the big gig tonight! I'm very excited. In part because I can't remember the last time I had a night out. Well...a night out that I didn't fall asleep into my dinner over by 8pm! My lovely neighbour Caroline England is providing the entertainment and is always worth making the time to go and listen to. If that's not enough we have raffle prizes and some extra special auction prizes.


For all you Coronation Street fans out there the first prize in the auction is a tour of the Coronation Street set, pretty much the last chance to see the cobbles before Corrie moves to it's new location in Salford. Your tour guide will be the wonderful Julie Hesmondhalgh who plays Hayley Cropper and should give you lots of chances to bump into cast members. Thanks SO much to Julie for kindly donating this prize for the auction!

Our second prize is a fabulous family (or individual) portrait session with Colin McPherson, one of the North Wests most acclaimed photographers and a wonderful neighbour.

To place your bids text CORRIE 07831 838717 (minimum bid £100) or PHOTO to 07831 838717 (minimum bid £50)

Please note the prizes do not include travel to and from the Coronation St set, and the photo prize is only valid in the CH or L postcodes.


hossylass said...

Seeing as you haven't been out for a while, here are some rules;

1) Make sure you have organised a lift home - no getting in cars with strange men.

2) Make sure you have suitable pants on - just incase you forget rule (1)

3) It will be rubbish without me, but you do your best to have a great time (lol).


Dave said...

Hope you have a great night BG! I was hoping against hope to get there but just couldn't make it happen.