Disability News Round Up By John Pring - Week Ending 06/04/2012

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  • A new consultation on disability living allowance reform has added fuel to concerns that the government is ignoring the likely impact of the changes on disabled people’s lives, say campaigners.
  • The government has been heavily criticised for its decision not to accept the part of the UN disability convention that protects disabled immigrants.
  • The head of the equality watchdog, Trevor Phillips, is to leave his post after six years, it has been confirmed.
  • User-led groups across London are hoping to convince local authorities to continue funding two vital areas of support for disabled people and their organisations.
  • The mother of a teenager with autism who was repeatedly confined to a padded room at his residential special school has spoken of the “remarkable” progress he has made since a court ruled his treatment was unlawful.
  • New guidance could see older people, children, obese people and pregnant women receive protection under European laws on air travel for disabled people, a leading user-led organisation has warned. 
  • The MP leading a review of Labour’s special educational needs policy has suggested it will recommend a far more inclusive approach than the coalition government’s anti-inclusion stance.
  • Two disabled MPs have spoken out strongly against any moves towards legalising assisted suicide.
  • Two new high-profile campaigns are set to highlight the barriers that disabled people face when trying to use public transport.
  • Disabled activists have hailed as a major victory a decision by Scottish GPs to call on the government to abandon its controversial “fitness for work” tests.
  • Tackling the bureaucratic barriers faced by disabled people, a list of the top disability-friendly employers, and recruiting more disabled teachers, are just some of the suggestions for how the government can improve disabled people’s lives.

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