John Pring's Disability News Round Up - Week Ending 11/05/2012

5/17/2012 08:49:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 1 Comments

  • A disabled artist who has spent five years training young disabled people to perform in the Paralympics opening ceremony has spoken of the “disgraceful” way he has been treated by organisers of the London 2012 games.
  • A London university has defended its decision to continue to display the bones of one of the nineteenth century’s most iconic disabled figures in a private museum.
  • A cost-cutting local authority is set to force more disabled people into residential care, rather than paying for them to receive support in their own homes.
  • Campaigners have questioned the government’s commitment to supporting disabled adults, after it failed to offer any sign that reform of the funding of adult social care was imminent.
  • The government is to push ahead with special educational needs reform, but has yet to say if it will follow through on threats to reduce disabled children’s rights to be educated in mainstream schools.
  • A disabled woman was tackled to the floor by a security guard after she complained about not being allowed to return her new mobile phone, only minutes after signing the contract.
  • The government’s own benefits advice body has called for financial compensation to help those disabled people set to lose out from the government’s reforms and cuts to spending on disability living allowance.

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*sigh* Not a good week.