Making An Appeal - An Infomercial By Ministry Of Justice

6/27/2012 08:39:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 3 Comments

And the video that disappeared for 3 months after the 'right honourable' Chris Grayling complained that it contained information to appellants explaining;

  • that they are twice as likely to win their appeal if they appear in person rather than having a paper hearing;
  • that the DWP doesn’t normally send a representative to the hearing;
  • to send additional evidence to the tribunal, when Grayling wants it sent to the DWP 

Lets congratulate the MoJ on putting out sensible, clear information and reward them by making this their most popular info video ever...

H/T Benefits and Work


Achelois said...

Its disappeared again from you tube (the link Sue gave where thousands had viewed. One of her commenters provided a new one where 80 managed to view, I wonder how long it will be before the DWP? allegedly take that one down. Big Brother is watching.

that northern bloke said...

another link,if its the same video..

Still here for now bendy,but tomorrow is D-Day - third week my landlord has had no rent..I simply have to go to benefits office.Sh!tting bricks doesn't even come close..Gareth in the video could be me,but my pile of unopened brown envelopes is a lot higher..its not that 'I can't be bothered' to deal with it,I'm frozen to the spot,FFS.

Anonymous said...

I've got a copy. I'm going to send it to others, not least because I like the idea of spreading around something Grayling doesn't want people to see.