Disability News Round Up By John Pring - Week Ending 07/09/2012

9/12/2012 07:48:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 1 Comments

  • A leading Deaf performer has called London 2012 “cowardly” and “immature” for ignoring his complaints about the lack of accessibility for Deaf visitors to the Paralympic Games.
  • A senior US government advisor has suggested that the London 2012 Paralympics could help disabled people in their fight against the UK government’s cuts to disability benefits and its opposition to inclusive education.
  • Disabled people’s organisations have responded warily to a string of new appointments to key posts in the coalition’s first ministerial reshuffle.
  • An MP has called for an inquiry into the “violence” of police officers against disabled activists who took part in a protest at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).
  • A leading Deaf dance and film performer has launched an angry attack on the organisers of the Paralympic Games over their failure to provide any facilities for Deaf spectators at a key London 2012 venue.
  • Health experts from the prisons inspectorate are set to visit a disabled man whose life is at risk after being denied – his family say – the 24-hour care he needs for a serious health condition.
  • A disabled Labour MP has delivered a passionate appeal for the government to fix the “fundamental” problems with its “fitness for work” assessment.
  • The government has refused to say if the former minister for disabled people will present any medals to Paralympic athletes over the final days of London 2012.
  • London 2012 organisers have repeatedly refused to provide information for disabled visitors to the Olympic Park in accessible formats, Disability News Service can reveal.
  • A prominent disabled activist has criticised organisers of the London 2012 Paralympics after telephone helpline staff were unable to tell her if there was an electricity charging point for her powerchair anywhere on the Olympic Park.

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Pete said...

At first sight it maybe easy to dismiss the Hillsborough Report as nothing to do with disability. however, if you read it therein lies a tale of woe - deliberate misinformation from the police, the media and government figures, named individuals like the former tory MP Irvine Patrick and the comments of Bernard Ingram to Thatcher.

This is relevant because the same thing is happening to disabled people in todays world - orchestrated currently by another tory government with Cameron, IDS and Grayling as main instigators. New Labour are not innocent for it was they who assessed the need for the WCA in the light of their analysis that the benefits bill was too high!!

So despite Cameron's apology yesterday he is conducting a similar vilification TODAY of disabled people. These people never learn it seems but their vile denounciaations are holding sway within our country, seen as valid, just as valid that the comments of the Liverpool supporters causing the Hillsborough trouble.

Surely there is a springboard here for disabled people to correct the image of a nation full of lazy scroungers - to build on this apparent contrition by government. What do you think???