Reliably, Repeatedly, Safely, Timely Manner... #pipemergency

1/15/2013 08:42:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 2 Comments

"The one hope sick and disabled people had for PIP was the promise that the phrase "reliably, repeatedly, safely, and in a timely manner" would be included in the regulations; this would mean that each time an assessor considered an activity descriptor they would be legally obliged to view it through this prism: can the individual perform activities reliably, can they do this repeatedly, can they do it safely and can they do it within a timely manner? (e.g. within less than twice the amount of time the activity would take an average, non disabled adult).
This might seem like semantics but when applied to a disabled person’s life it is the structure that holds the frank reporting of symptoms in place. With "reliably, repeatedly, safely, timely manner" I will be encouraged to explain that I can walk a bit, but that ability to walk varies hugely. It is never reliable, requires significant medication to reduce the pain from dislocations enough to do at all, can’t be repeated in any manner that would mean I had practical mobility and is unsafe as I constantly dislocate and often fall thus relying on help from strangers to pick me up and is so slow that elderly people with walking sticks overtake me."


Anonymous said...

There's not a cat in hells chance of any further 'nuanced' consideration being given to the replacement for DLA. PIP is not really about assisting disabled people with the costs of their disability. PIP is about treducing further the income of disabled people irrespective of their needs.

The government does not do 'nuance' rather thinks and believes it is totally correct in everything it does. It is so arrogant it believes its own hype - it certainly doesn't do 'research' and does not listen to those who do know - the disabled themselves.

Esther McVey isn't liked on Merseyside, has always been seen as a dipstick of the highest order. her espousals that the government will help are pklainly false.

remember this is a nazi government.

If the reliable bit was there, could I walk 20 metres reliably? No, I can guarantee that with the way I'm building my pain chain at the moment, there's no way I will be able to walk 20m on Thursday.

If the repeatedly bit was there, could I walk 20m repeatedly? No, as shown above, I have to force myself to walk 20m tomorrow, I have walked about 40m todays, Thursday, No Way!

If the safely bit was there, could I walk 20m safely? Erm, what is unsafe about walking? Well, I know I can cross the road, so Yes, others cannot see the danger.

If the timely bit was there, could I walk 20m timely? Erm, how fast is timely? 30-40 seconds?

All I can see at the moment is that this Poverty Inducement Plan is getting me worried.

Did they put ANY thought into this proposed (what's the opposite to benefit?) scheme?

Again, a goverment with no experience in the areas of ministeral responsibility strikes once more.