John Pring's Disability News Round Up - Week Ending 8/02/2013

2/12/2013 01:22:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 0 Comments

·        A disabled man with high support needs has been told he will not have to continue a prison term he feared could kill him, and can return home instead.
·        An influential committee of MPs has delivered a scathing account of the failure of the Department for Work and Pensions to challenge the poor performance of its “fitness for work” contractor Atos Healthcare.
·        The disabled people’s organisation leading work on a vital report to the United Nations (UN) on disability rights in the UK has been forced to reassure concerned activists that the work will be finished on time.
·        Disabled activists are planning legal action over the government’s decision to tighten eligibility for support for people with the highest mobility needs.
·        The government’s new children and families bill could see many more disabled children being forced into segregated education, campaigners have warned.
·        The government’s adviser on the natural environment has pledged to drive forward work to remove the barriers preventing disabled people from enjoying England’s parks, nature reserves and other green spaces.
·        A disabled medical student who was refused entry to a bar and then taunted by the manager, has secured compensation for discrimination.
·        Activists say a new report by MPs is only a “starting point” for a campaign to raise awareness of the deaths and abuse of people with mental health conditions in police custody.
·        MPs, transport executives and local government chiefs have been told by people with learning difficulties how accessible transport can transform their lives.