The thumbs have it!

3/24/2008 07:45:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 18 Comments

I'm generally known to be scatty, but I seem to have surpassed myself this time.

On Saturday both Ziggy and his girlfriend thanked me. I had no idea why or what for, but hey, its always nice to be appreciated.

When I questioned what I might have done to deserve such effusive gratitude they both blushed. And then some.

Amidst the red cheeks and giggles I asked again what I could have done that was so wonderful. Ziggy reminded me of the out of date Bailey's incident.

Now that I do remember, at least some of it anyway. I insisted upon making a tribute to Anthony Gormley. Out of gingerbread men. That was before I drank the out of date Bailey's, fell over alot and had to be sent to bed.

What I didn't and still don't remember is the sex advice I was handing out that night. Allegedly. Ziggy would say no more than it involved thumbs.

Two days later and I still have no idea what I might have suggested he do with his thumbs to produce such pleasure. It seems to have worked though, so perhaps drunken sex advisor is my true vocation.

Any thoughts on what I might have suggested, comment away. Please. It might just trigger my memory!


Unxman said...

I have many ideas all of which are totally unprintable in a family blog :-)))))

Unixman,this, a family blog? You flatterer!

Unixman said...

Put it this way, there are certain things that a man can do simultaneously with his thumbs that, I believe, lots of ladies like!

Oh yes indeedy the thumbs have it. hehehehehehe...

Casdok said...

When Ziggy tells you let us know!!

Jim said...

I want to know too!

By the way, you were lucky with the Bailey's I did the same when I was in the Army and spent three days in hospital with it...........

cogidubnus said...

This places an entirely new complexion on giving someone the thumbs up...I shall never be able to think of it in the same light again...

Pixie said...

G spot's spring to mind and the other up the arse perhaps?
Where's this family blog have I missed something ... LOL
ps we on for lunch?.... see email

Emma said...

Let me know when you find, I am intrigued too..xx

Unixman: Any time you want to demonstrate that?! There would appear to be a queue of willing women ;)

Kim: you seem to know ;) heeheex

Cas: you'll be the 1st!

Jim: Now that's a blog post I hope you'll write! 3 days in hospital though, wow. Bad news.

Cogi: haha, glad to have planted that thought in your mind!

Pixie: That was what I thought it must be, but he still won't say!
Lunch yes, looking forward to it, but I need to sort a different meeting point out for us if that's ok with you? I'll email asap

Emma: Will do! x

Unixman said...

Would be delighted to assist anytime ;-)

Unixman: Wow, you must have lots and lots of thumbs ;)

Vi said...

Maybe his thumb is bigger than his cock? I can say that since you say this isn't a family blog!

Unixman said...

oooooohhh ! claws ;-)))))

Vi: Indeed you can say that, but ouch, miaow!

Mmmmm.... thumbs :)

Anonymous said...

I used to write a sex column and could suggest a few thumb tips. One of the best, though, is actually an afterwards one. Get her to lie face down, straddle the backs of her thighs and place your thumbs on either side of the very base of her spine. Rotate your thumbs to apply firm, even pressure on either side of her spine and gradually work your way higher, going right up to the next. Slow and firm, but not hard, is the way to do it. The technique releases oxytocin, which relieves stress, heightens arousal and is addictive. In other words, she'll both love it and get hooked on the person doing it....

Cake: Indeed!

Anonymous: Sounds like you're quite the person to have around!;)