9/06/2008 06:00:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 6 Comments

Lulu came to stay on Thursday when her owners went away. It's both a favour to her owners and a trial run for me and kitty#2 with the hope of getting a spacker cat in mind.

Lulu is going hom
e tomorrow, after which I hope kitty#2 will come out of hiding. Even the prawns my friend Ben bought for her weren't enough to coax her downstairs. She's one spoilt cat, and certainly has a better social life than I do! She'll have to come out of hiding as she needs to go to the vet. Kitty#2 doesn't respond well to stress of any kind and likes to pluck out her fur as a coping mechanism. She's currently half way through giving herself a Brazilian- You'll have to trust me when I say it's not a good look on a cat!
Perhaps she's
smarter than I think and just likes the valium the vet give her? Drug seeking kitteh's, now there's a thought!


Anonymous said...

Pluck out her fur? Poor kitty.

The pictures are adorable.

Fire Byrd said...

Oh I'm confused now with butt plugs and brazillian cats... I should just read one post at a time after three glasses of fizz.
Hope the cat with the butt plug works out what to tell the vet and the brazillian cat mkes a fortune lap dancing.....

Katrin said...

cute kitty! hope your cat decides to let you get a 2nd!

Trixie said...

Ahhhh.... suhweet! I know what you mean how pets live better than you. I even bought new toys for the hamsters when I was on hol in Wales!

Marla: Apparently it's quite common for cats to overgroom if they are stressed/unwell etc. I understand some dogs do it too.
Kitty#2 just takes it to another level and pulls her fur out-always in the same place, around her backside! I'm sure she just likes the valium!

FB: Love it! Actually if the cat told the vet she had a butt plug he'd probably accuse her of stealing mine while laughing manically!

Katrin: TY, she was sweet but I'm glad she's gone home to her owners now! I don't think I can get another kitten, it just wouldn't be fair on kitty#2 unfortunately

Trix: I know! kitty#2 takes it to a whole new level with people coming round to see her and bringing all manner of treats!
I hope the hammies like their toys!

Jim said...

I loved the spacker cat video.

I really miss having a pet, but it just would'nt be fair to have one with the amount of travelling I do.