Spack cat!

9/01/2008 07:17:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 11 Comments

OMG! It's a lil spack cat! I really, really want one.

And yes, he does walk like me. He's cuter though. Even if it is a close run thing!

via Ouch


spleenal said...

walks like you does he?
he walks like he's just been had!

spleenal said...

sorry about that last comment

Ok Bendy, sorry to say this, but you walk worse! (or is that better?-if it were a deef contest!)..


(who once could walk and may have looked very similar)

Spleenal: lmao! And no need to be sorry, it's true and I've made comments to that effect before. Isn't he soooo cute though?!

MsO: Me? Worse?! Noooooo! In my head I walk like a catwalk model dontcha know?!
Maybe the cat would look cute in pink timberlands too?! lol

Unknown said...

Aww, cute kitty! And lovely film. Thanks for that, it's put a smile on my face.

alhi said...

Gorgeous! It's so sad to think though that kittens like that are put down.

aww he is so cute

cogidubnus said...

What a wonderful animal...just love his attitude!

We've always had cats...our five at the moment are the fewest we've ever had over the past twenty years...If they've been sick, we've paid, (even if it's sometimes meant ourselves going without - we reckoned we OWED it to them), and I really can't understand how (a) a pet-owner could have a cat like Charley put down or (b) how any vet could be persuaded to do it...especially as the guy says, the cat needs no special care...

Fire Byrd said...

That's one cool cat!

Anonymous said...


or should I call you Charley?

L-O-V-E-D this video! The message in it is very subtle but hugely powerful. Charley and his owners have scored a real coup for the world of disability with this one.

Here's to all the 'Charley's' of this world!

The fact that I'm mad about cats also, is besides the point.

Wordsmith: I couldn't help but smile at him, but the obsession with wanting one is now less amusing! lol

Alhi: Isn't it!

EmmaK: Indeed! I'm guessing not your pet of choice though...still too furry! lol

Cogi: 5, wow! I bet they rule in your house! I wonder if people think cats like this are in pain or will need lots of care and perhaps that's why they usually get put down. From this video though he looks like he'd be the most perfect cat, loving, affectionate, funny and playful. I'm in all seriousness going to ask my vet to look out for one for me.
I know what you mean about vet bills too-kitties come first. I'm incredibly lucky to have a vet who didn't charge me when I was really struggling financially and still just charges for medication not time.

FB: Isn't he just!

Steph: It is wonderful for that reason isn't it! Even if that wasn't what the owners had in mind. Funny how we're all cat mad!
BTW, did you know cats can get EDS too? Fun fact for the day!