8/28/2007 02:53:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 4 Comments

I have hot water! Thanks to the nice man from British Gas who disturbingly remembers both the boiler and me from previous boiler mending incidents. Worrying, though less so than being remembered by the man who collects ballot papers from the previous year when I went to vote.

To celebrate I took myself and my once again refusing to go back into it's socket left shoulder into as hot a bath as I could stand. Yes at 1.30pm. I am jobless for a reason. One skin strippingly hot bath later I've still got a dislocated shoulder, but thanks to the spliff I took into the bathroom with me I care less than I did before. Still too much though. I call this being defeated by the pain and will inevitably find some form of physically damaging activity to engage in before the day is out. Others might just call that stupid. Take your pick depending on whether you work at an NHS funded pain clinic or not.


Clairwil said...

I was reading your earlier post about the lack of wheelchair. If you don't get any joy this time around, you could ask social work or a Citizens Advice Bureau to assist you with an application for a one off grant from these folk.


If you get income support you could also apply for a community care grant for some other purpose, get all confused down the shops and come home with a wheelchair. Failing that you could go for a budgeting loan.

Thank you so much for that link, it looks really helpful. I like your style with community care grant idea!
Bendy Girl

oh darling, sorry you are in pain...keep spliffing. are you eligible for medical marijuana?

Thanks Emma, how's you? Sadly there are no medical mj programmes here in the UK(just Sativex on individual licence from the Home Office, I'll post about it) amazingly it's one area the USA is more enlightened, go figure huh ;)! Thank heavens for drug ridden society hey! BG x