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It became more and more obvious throughout Tuesday that despite the extra steroids and diuretics she'd had in the morning at the practice, this time she wasn't going to perk back up to her usual self, and that the stress of the car journey had been unbearable for her. I phoned and left a message for my vet asking him to come out that day. I'd asked neighbour to come round earlier and help me to get her out her litter tray, and put her on the sofa where although she wasn't able to get up again, I lay with her through the afternoon and stroked her as she purred peacefully for hours.

The vet arrived not long after 7 and briefly explained he would give her two injections, one to make her sleepy and not care about anything, and then after 5 minutes o
r so a second to finish life. He asked what I wanted to do afterwards, as in did I want to keep her body, or did I want an individual cremation, but not having any garden to bury her in I asked him just to take her away. As Vet and I have known each other for many years, initially both working in the same place there wasn't a huge amount to explain, and I was very grateful for the peaceful hours I'd been able to have that afternoon to get my head around what had to be done and say goodbye.

Ziggy had come round before the Vet and came back afterwards to sit with me for a while. He arranged to work from home yesterday so I wouldn't be on my own, and arrived around midday. His being here made a real difference. Kitty #2 is like a lost soul, wandering round looking for her mum, eating very little and acting even more strangely than she usually does. We knew there was a real problem when she didn't whore herself all over Ziggy yesterday for ages until she bit him (she's got a real man obsession that cat!)


JsTzznU said...

I'm sorry for your loss... It's hard to lat go of your loved pets who are like children to you!! But it sounded like it was for the best.

Big hugs to you sweety...


Anonymous said...

Jstzzu, thank you and hello

Kim, thanks, xxxx

Vi said...

So sorry to hear that my dear.


Anonymous said...

aw, so sad! my sympathies.

Blei said...

So sorry for your loss. I'm a Cat fan too.