It's cold outside!

11/20/2007 02:12:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 4 Comments

Winter Fuel payment is for those over 60 who receive a State Pension.

It is not available to those in receipt of even the highest levels of Disability Living Allowance, many of whom have to heat their homes all year round.

No matter how cold our furry barometers tell us our homes may be!


Fire Byrd said...

Hi Hon, thanks for coming over to me, to allow me the chance to get to you. I've read quite a way down, and i like your writing, so is it ok with you if i put you on my blog roll.

Irishman sounds interesting!!

Know you said I think on a post of vi's that you'd like to meet other bloggers, well if you were up to it and not too far away from Stoke then 1st dec a few people are gathering at mine, if you want to come round and play.

Vi said...

Come play, come play! lol

I reckon fuel prices are absolutely riduculous, I'm a single mum paying £85 a month for gas and electricity.

Joanna Cake said...

Well, I can give you one piece of good news. A few days after my Grandma died, my Mum received her Winter Fuel payment. She called them up and explained that Grandma had passed away but, because Grandma died a week or so into the new year's dates, Mum is allowed to keep the money.
It does, however, seem bizarre that it is not available to the disabled as well as the elderly.

Hi Pixie, welcome, and thanks so much for putting me on your blogroll, I'll be returning the compliment as soon as I get round to catching up with comments, blog admin properly, all a bit behind atm!
I'd love to come to yours next week! Barring illness and unforseen accidents, count me in! x

Vi, I fully intend to come play, how great to meet you all! As for fuel prices, apparently they're going up, oh shit!

Cake, That's just so typical of the benefits system! I'm glad they've let your mum keep the money though, she worked so hard caring for your gran for so long. Hope she and you are doing ok x