12/11/2007 05:13:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 14 Comments

Sometimes, every so often, other people confront us with the realities of our behaviour. In the light of that, and honest spirit of this blog I have a confession to make.

Hello, my name is Bendy Girl and I'm a man'oholic. Not just any men you understand, no, a very specific type of man. Men who are 6'2, dark haired and good looking. I am a cliche. A 4'8 tall cliche. What's worse is that it took one of these men to point out said addiction to me. I am shamed.

Not enough to stop though. I'm far too addicted for that.


hehehehehe A very nice addiction to have too...YUM

The spouse is 6'2 lol

cheers kim

there are a lot worse things you could be addicted too!

Enjoy your addiction...just don't get so carried away you get preggers.


Maddy said...

I can think of far worse addictions! But as EmmaK says, don't get pregnant as that is not a happy combination.

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

Casdok said...

Yes make the most of your addiction! Certainly more healthy than most addictions! (well?!)

JsTzznU said...

How come I'm not surprised every woman would be addicted to that same "type" HHHmmmmmmmmmmm

Dark Side said...

I think I may have the same addiction Bendy if you could send some my way...xx

Joanna Cake said...

Well Im not addicted to that particular type, but that doesnt mean that I cant admire a prime specimen of that description :)

I have a comparable preference in men: dark haired and much taller than I am even when I have 4 inch heels on. The latter makes me glad I'm only 4'10 or 4'11!

I think you should carry on with your addiction shamelessly!

Fire Byrd said...

I used to feel just that about tall men. But in recent years I had a lover who was only a couple of inches taller than my 5'5" and it was OK!

But if it's ideals then I'm with you all the way on the tall dark and handsome, just as long as they are not a jerk with it!

Marla said...

I wish I had an addiction sometimes. I try and it never takes. :)

Kim, it is indeed. Good to hear we have the same taste ;)

Cityunslicker Welcome, and yes, there are! Men of 6'5 perhaps?! heehee

Emmak,aaarrgh don't say that!! lol

Maddy now I'm starting to worry. Do you all know something I don't?!

Casdok, I'm making up for lost time I think!

jstzznu I know...something we all agree on!

Emma, hiya, I'm not sure where I'm getting them all from but I'll try ;)

Cake, I hadn't even realised until the BYM pointed it out to me. I've always gone for very tall men but this is getting silly!

Girl, welcome. I fully intend to carry on! It's funny isn't it, something about being our size means we love tall men...and they us!

Pixie, heehee, the one thing all my ex's have in common is that they're utter bastards! More seriously although I do go for tall men, it's personality first, the 6'2 thing is just a hilarious coincidence, especially as I'm so tiny. The one currently chasing me is more like 6'4!

Marla, welcome! I know what you mean...I think my current addiction is a making up for lost time thing!

Jackart said...

I'm 6'3". Is that too tall? If only I weren't taken... ;-P

Jackart, at that size, ahem, it seems like all the ladies here might like to become addicted to you, taken or not ;)