Red warning boxes

12/04/2007 01:18:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 8 Comments

Thanks to Mary, who just let me know about the problem, I'm now aware that my hotmail account was flagged on her blog with all sorts of red warning signs and cross boxes.

This has been a problem with my incoming hotmail ever since I set up this particular account, anything I post on this blog flags up red warnings and failed delivery, but if I open it anyway, its all there. Same goes for any comments I leave on my own blog. I have no idea what the problem might be, when I go to try and check I just get messages about phishing scams and dire warnings not to register my own email as 'safe'

Blogger seems to have been playing up of late, all sorts of problems with formatting and the like, but I'd just assumed everyone had the same problem with hotmail getting upset about comments left on individual's own blogs. If anyone knows anything about this, or how to sort it out, I'd be really grateful?


Anonymous said...

I,ve got the same problem. All my emails seem to be getting red flags but as you say I can open them okay.

Will link you to my blogroll if thats okay?

Thanks Kingmagic, it's good to know it's not just me, weird tho isn't it! Blogroll link would be great thanks, I'll return the favour, BG :)

Fire Byrd said...

sent you an email the other day about lunch did you get it?

Pixie, I've emailed you, I seem to be having computer problems, sigh. xx

Vi said...

yep, your comments always come up unsafe, but they open fine. I've been told one of my comments has done the same thing.

I dont have any problems with your comments on my site at all.

but I notice that sometimes my comments here dont get published

mmmm Suss

cheers kim

Mary said...

Well, the reason I noticed it is because everyone else's comments come through fine. People I know, no problem at all. People I don't know, I just get the yellow flag for "this sender is not in your Safe list, do you wish to add?"

Yours was the only email I've had in the last, ooh, month or so, that has been flagged as Red and Eek and Unverified and so on. Even my spam isn't that flagged.

Mary, I still don't know what the problem is, my only guess is that perhaps hotmail doesn't like my actual email address. But perhaps its just blogger playing up as it seems to be. Thank you anywway, BG x