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Sorry to disappoint anyone waiting for great revelations, but there is no exciting secret to impart about my weekend. No really.

It was a great weekend though, a drink with Red, the girl I met at Toes' party, then a girlie shopping trip together on Sunday. Activities which leave me exhausted and unable to get out of bed for a couple of days worth every moment of that enforced confinement, sweeter still for having seemed as impossibly out of my reach as climbing Everest a mere year or so ago.

Earlier this afternoon I spoke to Star. She's still here, in itself a miracle of determination, modern medicine and a demonstration of how superb the NHS can be when doctors are able to work together in the best interests of their patient. Her last round of chemotherapy was so hard on her that as she put it "the sepsis came out to play" and she spent 10 days in a High Dependency Unit being treated for both that and the pneumonia they discovered whilst she was there. Now she must gain weight before the next round of chemo can be started, ideally aided by a different type of feeding tube were she not too ill for the surgical procedure needed to even be considered.

All this and more made me think of my many good fortunes, but I'm ready for bed again now and happily Maddy has written about just that today


Casdok said...

No exciting secrets :)
Glad you had a good weekend though! :)
Oh and did you hear Alson Thorpe lost her battle to give her daughter a hysterectomy, as i seem to remember you did a post on it.

cogidubnus said...

No scandalous behaviour, no sex, drugs or rock and roll...what are you youngsters coming too? Even I managed to get decidedly (spectacularly?) unsober on Friday night...You're a bloody disgrace, you hear me?


Anonymous said...

You're so right, BG. It usually takes someone else's misfortune to make us realise just how fortunate our lives really are by comparison. I think EDS'ers are so well used to set-backs, their determination just shines through.

Hope you bounce back again soon and please pass on my regards to Star next time you chat to her. She's sounds like a real STAR TROOPER!

Anonymous said...

Gosh well thank you for the honorable mention! I think that must be my 15 minutes of fame or something.

Having just returned from England and an unexpected visit to the NHS hospital [daughter] I'm more than willing to sing their praises, especially as my mum's in a the moment and my brother had to be admitted too - what a sickly crowd we must be.

Glad you're broken through.
Best wishes

Vi said...

Yes sometimes the NHS does pull through. Lets hope they continue to do so.

Casdok: Thank you, I hadn't heard about Alison Thorpe, I'm very glad to see the operation will not go ahead

Cogidubnus: You, not sober?! Methinks you should start your own blog! As for a disgrace...more like lightweight ;) lol x

Steph: It's so true we EDS'ers are just used to 'trauma' as a way of life so it doesn't faze us in the way it might others not so used to it. I will pass your regards on to Star, and yes, she is incredible,not that she would admit it! x

Maddy: TY, you'd said what I wanted to say so well...not so sure about honourable or fame though heehee.I hope all your family members are doing better now x

Vi: The NHS have been simply incredible treating Star's cancer, consultants from at least 3 different London hospitals working together and consulting colleagues around the world. It just goes to show how it could and should be if the govt stopped trying to win votes via the NHS. Star is terminally ill, but if the treatment is successful she will have long enough to see her youngest child grow up and just as importantly all those doctors are able to learn from her how to treat anyone else in this situation.

cogidubnus said...

I am immensely reassured...(hic!)

Cogidubnus: Oh dear...and now I've let the side down again...blogging on a saturday night! ;) lol