How Bright?

2/06/2008 04:25:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 14 Comments


Jim said...

Very bright indeed! But nice though.

Joanna Cake said...

Nice, but what did you coordinate to wear with them?

Anonymous said...

remember sugar candy legs from the seaside when you were a kid?*nibbles toes*

Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous!!!
Hope you are daring enough to wear them!!!

cogidubnus said...

(swoon) ... I have saved the picture and will treasure it forever...

Woot!!! now you just need some purple socks and doc martens and a swirly purple skirt mid thigh length and some ooops hehehehe I mean that is what I would wear with those tights if I still had the figure to pull it off... yay yay yay

cheers kim

Unknown said...

(*at this point, respondent channels Humphrey Bogart and give satisfactory imitation*) Great gams, Gorgeous, but you look like a neon sign.

cogidubnus said...

The daughter of a friend of ours has attitude and some to spare...She's tiny (about 4'11"), pixyish, drop-dead gorgeous and yet so different...(muscle tone of a navvy for one thing)...

For her wedding she insisted on riding her beloved horse side-saddle to the village church, revealing that she was wearing white Doc Martens under her very beautiful flouncy White Dress...

And that was just for starters...

Why does she remind me of Bendy-Girl (or vice-versa?) I wonder?

Casdok said...

Love them!!

Vi said...

Could be even brighter with yellow polka dots on them!

kingmagic said...

If I had a little sis these are the ones she would wear!

I think!

Big bro...KM x

Jim: Hello, welcome and thanks!

Cake: I bought them to go with a jumper dress I've got which is midnight blue with flecks of gold running through it. I probably wouldn't wear them with anything else. Happily they were £1 from asda's kids section! lol

Northern guy: Blushes

Scarred4life: Hello and thanks! Another pink fan? I have already worn them, when I last saw the captain. He liked them :)

Cogi: Blushing. Again.

Kim: I'm very glad you like them! Your dress sense sounds wicked! As I said to Cake, they go with a jumper dress, well, actually it's a jumper, but as I'm so little just long enough to wear as a mini dress lol

lceel: Hehe, a little less so I suspect when the right way up, but they are eye shudderingly bright!

Cogi: I wonder indeed?! She sounds fab! My vote is with the pixie thing. Must be ;)

Casdok: ty

Vi: Wow. I stand in awe of your even greater bright clothing radar than mine ;) x

KM: Big bro, probably, they did come from the kids dept ;) lol

Anonymous said...

Sorry if I was too forward with that last comment Bendy-didn't mean to offend!
I got my cousin to drive me half an hour to the nearest seaside town.I had to have a sugar candy leg!They're a lot smaller than I remember..maybe cos my hands were tiny 30 odd years ago.Didn't taste the same as the memory either.In fact it made me feel sick.well-it was on top of cod-tail and & chips,and a lemon-top ice cream..but you just have to stuff yourself at the seaside - its the law.I'd forgotten how big some species of seagull can be.One massive brute sat on a pole about 10 foot away and watched every morsel I stuffed into my face.You could see his brain ticking over through his evil yellow eye.
The bloke wouldn't let two grown men on the swingy I threw a screaming toddler wobbly in the sand.Fun afternoon,even though the coast is quite a bleak place in the winter.Soz for can probably tell I don't get out much.

Northerner: You didn't offend me don't worry (it'd take alot more than that my lovey)
Sounds like you had a top day out, I don't remember the sugar candy legs, probably because I've always lived in a small coastal town and so haven't really done the day trips to the beach kind of thing.
You're right though, it can be very bleak in the winter, bloody cold too! How mean to not let you both on the swing things, that's just no fun. Seagulls are evil, but not that bright either, we used to trap them and the odd pigeon when we were kids. Not that I was a little psycho or anything, we always let them go!
Glad you had fun, and hope you're not feeling too sick today! BG x