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I've been tagged by both Cake and Grendel, so to complete the set I thought I'd take up Vi's new meme of what's on or above your tv. There isn't anything actually on top of my tv, I've had too many 'home safety' checks from the fire brigade to ever keep anything on the tv, it being one of the things that makes them go wibble, so instead this is what is directly above the tv. I did the painting, so please keep the abusive remarks to a minimum...I can say no more than painting seemed like a fun thing to do on a hot day.

Thank you Cake for this one,

The rules are as follows: 1. Link to the person who tagged you 2. Post the rules on your blog. 3. Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog. 4. Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs. 5. Leave a comment on their blogs so that they know they have been tagged.

1. I love to read and will read anything, labels, instructions, doesn't really matter. Ironically I've found blogging means I'm reading fewer books than ever. I could never go out with someone who doesn't enjoy reading.

I was a semi-pro glamour model for a short period of time during my 20's.

3. Although I have travelled to Australia, backpacked round Europe, and been to more than 10 US states I have never been to Scotland or Ireland.

4. I was a real tomboy as a child. I climbed trees, dug holes (lots of holes, why do kids dig holes?) played rugby and football. I had a Sindy doll thing, but its face scared me so I threw it out of a 2rd floor window repeatedly until it smashed.

5. I exist on a diet of red meat, potatoes and variants of. Crisps are a staple food source. As are chips. My love for chocolate is legendary. It is only in the last year or so I have voluntarily started to eat 'green' stuff. Salad is acceptable, some types of fruit, vegetables not usually. Vitamins thankfully come out of tablets.

6. I'm scared of dogs.

7. I steal builders. Plumbers and Electricians too, I'm not fussy. Actually any kind of workman. I'd say person, but they're usually men. Like Cake I smile and talk to anyone. It makes me a complete nutter magnet, but it's taught me the world is full of wonderful people and that people like to help each other out. I always offer a cup of tea to my window cleaner, postie, police man, or anyone who does work in the house, it just got extended to any workmen in the vicinity...well, they speak to me first! I was shocked and surprised to find out how few people do this and how rude some can be to those working in their homes, and though I never expected or wanted anything in return, without exception every person I've done this for has returned to do (for free) some small repairs or improvement that they noticed needed doing to the house.
No, not one has ever behaved inappropriately or made me feel uncomfortable.

Grendel tagged me with the '7 good things in life', so, in no particular order;

1. The feel of warm sunshine on your skin after a long winter.

2. Being a passenger in a car, very late at night, in the rain, drifting in and out of sleep as you are driven home by someone you trust.

3. Watching something you planted as a seed grow and flourish.

4. Cuddling up in the arms of someone you love to watch a dvd in front of a fire on a cold winters afternoon.

5. Good friends. I've not always had this privilege in my life, and now that I do I value my friends immeasureably.

6. The feeling of relief from pain. In my case often provided by cannabis, used as pain killer, a muscle relaxant, for its beneficial effects on my co-ordination and movement. A scheme for its legal use for medical purposes is long overdue.

7. The ability to be both happy and satisfied with who you are and what you have.

The rules say to tag 7 others in return, but as I've got three for people to chose from and I'm not wildly enthusiastic about meme's I'm just going to offer it to anyone who reads and ask them to leave a link back.


Casdok said...

Could you send a few builders over this way!!

Vi said...

I love your homemade pic!

cogidubnus said...

"I've been tagged by both Cake and Grendel"

I think you ought to report it to the local constabulary love...sounds a bit yobbish to me...

Marla said...

Great list. Afraid of dogs? Bummer. They are so cute! I bet you don't care to check out my dog park days blog then, huh? ;)

I agree about the use of cannabis for pain relief. I have a feeling when I was in major pain and nothing worked that may have helped me.

Unknown said...

Well done, you. And it's a good thing, I think, to be nice to tradesmen. So few people are.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the link, I will add you to my links!


Casdok: Certainly...although I might have to come visit you and steal them from the neighbourhood ;)

Vi: Thank you x

Cogi: Well when you put it like that, where are the blogging police?! lol

Marla: They are indeed cute..they still scare me though! lol

Lou: I take an attitude of trying to be nice to everyone if I can (though I can be a bitch) it's amazing how nice the world turns out to be when you behave that way.

Rogue Gunner: Your welcome and thank you. BG

Joanna Cake said...

I steal 'tame' workmen too. Much better to have a recommendation than have to go on spec.