Bog Off!

6/01/2008 11:41:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 16 Comments

I'm a bad blogger. A whole week since my last post. I should be ashamed. But it's me, so I'm not. Instead I thought I'd bring you something just a little bit special. Yes indeed. The esteemed sex bloggers give you regular half nekkid photos, and I thought about it. Really I did. But, apart from the fact I couldn't be arsed to shave my legs, I couldn't be arsed to take (anymore) naked pictures of myself either. So I thought and thought. And came up with this. Drum roll please.

Ta da. Welcome to Bog off! (TM to Benefit Scrounger. Support my hope of not being one!) Yes, this is like the whole Half Nekkid Thursday thing. There's just a few essential differences. It's not Thursday, it won't happen weekly, oh and there's no naked people either. I feel your interest wane already.

But, in
the interest of plumbing new depths (groan) Bog Off! is 'the' place on t'internet to post your photos of the skankiest disabled loo's. Tired of toilets used as store rooms, without locks, dirty, neglected and mirror less? Always bloody mirrorless. What about my lip gloss dammit?

This is the place to dish the dirt. Next time you're in a disabled loo, take a look a
round. Mind out for the people using it for a quick shag and take in the full ambiance of the place. Then take out your mobile phone. Photograph the evidence, and send it to me. I promise to post it here in Bog Off! Anonymity will be protected if you so wish, and place names volunteered by the really brave.

Next time, I'm taking the champagne. Which is not on offer as a prize for Bog Off! toilet skank. Obviously. It's not Cristal.


Anonymous said...

The toilet in a takeaway in my town, keeps it's bread rolls in the bog! Hence why I never eat from there.

Mary said...

May I respectfully submit this post from almost a year and a half ago on the topic of common accessible-toilet hazards.

Another one that particularly stayed with me was a McDonalds where someone had gone into the accessible loo with pliers or something and loosened ALL of the bolts holding the safety rails on.

No pics, I'm afraid.

Joanna Cake said...

LOL at Trixie! BG, most disabled toilets are locked so I havent been in that many...

Julie said...

WIth that first photo it looked as if you were going to be blogging on 'furniture porn'. Must say I'm rather disappointed, though the loo is fascinating. :-)

I can't help having visions of "Trainspotting" running through my head........

Trixie: I've seen that kind of thing in more than 1 disabled loo, gross isn't it?!

Mary: Great post thank you for the link. I'll be relying on you to provide photos for this!

Ms Cake: That's very true and part of the problem. I'll take photos of locked doors if you wish ;)

Julie: furniture porn, now there's a thought! I have talked about donkey porn before if that's any consolation?

Mr Nighttime: Your visions would be correct. The worst examples are that, then some!

eeore said...

I thought the abscence of posts was due to St Vitus Dance brought on by product testing:)

Cake, Mary, I can't seem to find your proper addys for your blog, could you please post them?

Casdok said...

C and i have been in some disgusting ones! Many like you say used as store rooms and one at the top of a flight of stairs with no lift!

Jim said...

I'll send you a pic of the ones in the Scottish Parliament. They are very plush indeed!

Mary said...

mr. nighttime, my blog is at

BG, I'll try and remember photos next time I'm out and about but for the obvious reasons that isn't so often of late.

cogidubnus said...

"The esteemed sex bloggers give you regular half nekkid photos, and I thought about it. Really I did. But, apart from the fact I couldn't be arsed to shave my legs, I couldn't be arsed to take (anymore) naked pictures of myself"

Boo... hiss...

Anonymous said...

Gadz. I had no idea. That totally sucks.

I think the other pictures you speak of would have been a lot more fun.

TFA: keep that thought, it's far more interesting than reality!

Mr Nighttime: Try the side bar, both are linked there ;)

Casdok: The top of the flight of stairs one is pretty impressive! If you and C are able, I'd love any photos you can take while you're out and about, credited here to C obviously!

Jim: Thank you, that would be fantastic, we can use them as a 'good' example!

Mary: Cheers!

Cogi: Always good to know I have at least one fan ;)

Marla: you are probably right! I know you're an excellent photographer so any disabled loo's you visit would be great to see, perhaps Maizie would like to join in?

Sarah said...

See that brown toilet seat? That's no cheap-ass seat. That's your 30 point colour contrast, honest. Now, where were those white rails on the white walls again?

Sarah: All I can say is god help anyone wanting to use that loo for the purpose it was intended. BG

PS: You aren't a fan of 'history today' by any chance?!