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6/29/2008 08:12:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 11 Comments

This post from Bonetired about the lack of taste in supermarket food has reminded me to take some photos of the plants outside my home.

I don't have a garden, just a tiny yard which only g
ets direct sunlight between the hours of 1-3pm...just enough for me to sunbathe, that is when it's not raining. It's a good job I'm so petite as I doubt anyone over about 5'4 would have enough room to lie out there!

Such limited space is no barrier to growing food though, and as a result I have plants in pots growing outside the front of the house as well as a
t the back. Alongside the flowers are tomato plants, carrots and lettuce sown deliberately to produce a constant supply of baby leaves rather than full plants.

Inside on a window sill there are chilli's and peppers, and in the back more tomatoes, various herbs and some garlic.

The taste is incredible, and all for just a few pounds for all the seeds and very little effort (other people do the lifting, which to them is not heavy!). I wonder how popular growing your own food in this way will become as food prices continue to rise?


Anonymous said...

I bet more people will begin growing their own veggies. Our focus this year was landscaping but next year I would like a garden as well. Yours looks quite nice.

We've had to move some of the tomato plants to other locations, as they have become even more prolific than last year. At this rate, I might as well plan on opening a roadside stand and make a few bucks off of them.

Casdok said...

Very impressed! And yes im sure more people will be growing their own because of price and taste.

Anonymous said...

*waves hello* xxx kim

Well done. You have certainly made th most of the space nd the available light and your plants ook as if thy are doing well there.

Jim said...

I don't doubt that people will be growing more of their own food.

My parents have quite a big garden and grew loads of vegetables in it every year including potatoes and various other things. They were delicious.

Times change though and the area that was used to grow all these things is now covered in gravel and paving stones. I bet this is a scenario repeated up and down the country!


Dave said...

We're growing runner beans up the trellis arch as the rose is taking its time.
We were going to have clematis but I don't think you can eat them.
It's microgardening all round from now on!

Dark Side said...

That looks very nice, I have spent the weekend clearing my yard out so I can put some pots and climbers have now given me the inspiration to do my sooner rather than later...x

Anonymous said...

Oh, fellow bendy friend, all this talk of veggies is making me HUNGRY!

Marla: Me too! I look forward to seeing some garden photos on your blog, does M like to garden?

MrN: You should do just that! Especially as I hear there have been issues with tomatoes and is it salmonella in the US?

Cas: TY, I find it really theraputic to watch things grow!

Kim: X

Welshcakes: Hello and thank you! I'm always amazed at how well the plants do, particularly as those in the photo are on the side of the road! (it is a quite little culdesac but still!)

Jim: I should certainly think so! I wonder how many people will start changing their gardens back to soil from paving/gravel?

Dave: Indeed! Micro gardening is great, I don't think most people realise how much you can grow in how small a space that way
I doubt I'd have thought of beans, but probably put something in like a sweet pea climber.

Rae: Sounds like you've got the fun bit to come! I'll look forward to the photos on your blog, and if you'd like to join in the great sunflower competition (not a blogging thing, but could be made into one>!) let me know!

Fibrofog: Absolutely! x

Anonymous said...

Theres a strong smell coming from them there plants ?? :-P