6/06/2008 12:17:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 17 Comments

Maybe I've been overdoing it of late. Maybe there's no maybe in that at all. I have been doing far too much of late. A combination of frustration, boredom, the good weather and having more of a life than at any time in the past 5 years have sent me sailing forth into summer. Where I appear to have left several body parts somewhere I can no longer find them. Mostly my right hip. Could be my pelvis though. It doesn't really matter what's caused it (too much death walking might feature high on the list) as the end result is pain and stiffness so severe I can't straighten up properly.

Initially I thought my right hip had wandered off and didn't want to go back. Having heard the thunky pop it produced earlier this morning I no longer think that's the (sole) cause, it has to be a combination of pelvic, hip and spinal movement/instability.

A few people have mumbled about A&E but I laugh in the face of such suggestions. As if anything A&E could do would persuade my wayward body to behave. Instead I'm planning on 'fixing' it with the heat of the sun and copious amounts of drugs. Legal and otherwise. This is a plan I've had for a good week or so and despite all evidence to the contrary I'm sticking with it...Unless of course I get a better offer-sex being fantastic for rearranging my pelvis!


Slip said...

Would like to help you out but there is an ocean in the way. Hope you find your parts!

Anonymous said...

nothing at all - he just howled at the moon :D

......and here I thought only having my internal organs replaced was tough.

As for the sex, you bring up an interesting point: As a Bendy Girl, does it allow for a greater variety of positions, or are they just too painful in the end? (No pun intended.)

Anonymous said...

(jumping up and down & waving his hands like mad} Pick me pick me !!!

Knight in shining armour willing to help a damsel in distress :-P

or that typical man again

Jurid XXX

Anonymous said...

There's not much wrong with my pelvis, but you're giving me an idea ... maybe it will IMPROVE my pelvis?

Sorry you misplaced something. I hope that popping hip will pop back into place soon. I've just had to have my neck popped by a chiro - it's incredibly painful having something go out of alignment. I don't know how you cope on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Bendy

I feel your pain.

Hope you manage to get serviced soon! :D

Fire Byrd said...

Hope you at least get the sun, even if the sex isn't happening!

cogidubnus said...

"Unless of course I get a better offer-sex being fantastic for rearranging my pelvis!"

Hi Bendy...I specialise in oral sex (ie nowdays I only talk about it)...

Don't suppose that'd help much?

James Higham said...

Sail forth into summer! Let no one deflect you.

Joanna Cake said...

Have you been using that big Rabbit again? Hope it all clicks back into place soon x

Marla said...

I went to a physical therapist for a while to fix my pelvis that was always out of place. I still have difficulty with it to this day. But, when I was in therapy it took two people to put it back in place. Not fun.

Hang in there.

Unknown said...

Marla, if you had two people and it wasn't fun, perhaps you were going about it all wrong.

Bendy, my love, I would if I could but I can't so I shan't. Too far.

Vi said...

I hope the better offer came along!

Slip: Thanks for the offer ;)

Northerner: you know, I think I heard that ;)

Mr Nighttime: I've also wondered that, but as I'm the only woman I've ever been in bed with I'm afraid I couldn't tell you!

Jurid: Surprisingly sweet actually!

Jay: I hope your idea was fun!!

Steph: TY, sadly no servicing, but things have rearranged themselves somewhat now!

BB: lots of sun thanks, isn't it wonderful! x

Cogi: Probably not, but any offer is appreciated ;)

Lord James : Tally ho!

Cake: No, I wish it had been something like that, totally worth it! TY x

Marla: No, no fun at all. Thank you and I hope you're starting to feel a little better x

Lou: Teehhee!

Vi: I wish! I'm clearly going to have to steal some of your man fun in Blah! x

Dark Side said...

Aw, Bendy I can't imagine what pain your going through but hope you start to feel a little better real soon..I would give you a hug but wouldn't want to hurt you...xx

Emma: Thank you honey, all hugs accepted happily and returned! x

gemmak said...

Did the heat of the sun and copious amounts of drugs work? My, thankfully very mild, hypermobility issues don't seem to respond to anything other than time....and then they are fussy about how much time! heh.