Power Prices

6/03/2008 01:32:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 18 Comments

Ouch, ouch, ouch! I've just had to increase my direct debit for gas and electricity from £80 a month to £110 And no, the increase is not caused by my toy addiction. They are all battery powered!

Anyone else made that painful call yet?


Vi said...

Yep, happened to me at the beginning of the year. I pay £120. Ridiculous!

Good thing they are battery powered. If they were gas powered, it would be a shame to have someone find you unconscious from carbon monoxide poisoning while using it... ;-)

cogidubnus said...

Happened to us last month...£138 now...

oh darling, that sounds grim. The UK seems to be going down the pan at present.

Dark Side said...

To right Bendy just U Switched me again after it went up to £98 a month, what with bloody petrol prices as well soon none of us will be able to afford to do anything..xx

Anonymous said...

Yep, Other Half did that yesterday. :(

Mr N - LOL! Carbon monoxide poisoning!

Ouch! That's a pretty steep increase :( I don't doubt that I'm going to be paying a lot more than I use to. It's kind of scary wondering if/when the increase will ever not be so sharp.

(BTW, love the Bog Off! idea!!)

eeore said...

I really don't understand why people pay by direct debit. They always over charge you, and if they send you a bill, they give practically the same discount as if you had paid by direct debit.

Plus the utility company doesn't get the interest on the money that they rake in by overcharging.

Anonymous said...

Now I have to be lucky since my Gas is included in my rent charges and I only pay £40 a month for Gas to use as much as I like to heat a 1 bedroom place, it's not due to increase till next April.

Electric, I've just increased the DD to £40 a month from £25.

It's food I am struggling to buy, the cost of fruit and veg is soaring, it's crackers and cheese all the way!

Anonymous said...

It is the same here Bendy.. Petrol is up to $1.70 a litre.. food prices are going through the roof.. *sigh*

Dave said...

Hi Bendy Girl,
The reason they need all that money off you is so they can invest in this

PS enforced diets all round then. Diesel or food, one or the other

Yes, our gas (petrol) prices are still lower in relation to Europe, however, everything is relative. The gas station I use here in Rochester just went over $4.00/gallon, and I drive a fairly fuel efficient car. (35 mpg.) I'm still cutting back where I can.

cogidubnus said...

Mr Nighttime - at todays rates (Minimum £1.23, Maximum £1.35 per litre) the UK price today equates (I think) to about $11 per US gallon....I don't see how that is "relative"...

You must pardon me saying so, but 35 mpg would no longer be looked upon as particularly fuel efficient right pond...more like average...

cogidubnus said...

Got that wrong...it's just under $10 per gallon....

It's relative to what your income status is, and how often one drives. We are much more of a car culture here, and unless one lives in a large metropolitan area, public transportation is dodgy, at best. It is also relative to how fuel efficient ones cars are. 35 mpg is considered "efficient" here. I am quite well aware that 45-50 mpg is considered more the norm in Europe, and you drive more diesel vehicles there than we do here. (personal vehicles, trucks (lorries)excluded.)

Vi: Isn't it just! This was just from my last bill-it had pretty much doubled from the same time last year. It's only going to get worse too!

Mr N: Oh, I don't know...the firemen might enjoy that ;)

Cogi: OW!

EmmaK: I live in a small town and honestly life is just the same as it's always been- except double, triple, quadruple the price!

Emma: I know! I wonder how far things will go before something has to seriously give?

Jay: Funny isn't it!

Girl, D: I know, things will have to change one way or the other. As for Bog off! Feel free to contribute ;)

TFA: I can only speak for myself, but I pay by dd because I couldn't find the sums of money needed for a quarterly or yearly bill. I'm only paying for what I've used though, power doesn't seem to have the interest tacked on that say, car insurance does

Alison: That is lucky! I know you're in a flat, but perhaps you could grow some basics like lettuce, peppers, tomatoes etc? Very easily done in small pots or window boxes

Kim: Australian dollars is that? I have to go fill my car soon, petrol prices are about £1.14 per litre, I'm not sure what that converts to

Dave: That is very scary! Still, who needs weapons when you can starve and freeze your populations?!

Mr N: Most people drive petrol cars here, and certainly where I live there is not much of an alternative, public transport is either not available, infrequent or for me completely inaccessible. Like Cogi says petrol is horribly expensive here (it's mostly tax though)

Cogi: Thank you that saved me trying to look figures up! Petrol is cheaper in the north though, it's around 115-125 in my area.

Joanna Cake said...

We finally forked out for a new combi boiler at the beginning of the year. The installer promised that we would get our money back within a couple of years. Our next bill was pretty much the same. Yes, we had used less power, but the charges had all gone up :(

Cake: How frustrating!!