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Ugh. Which so does not cover the overwhelming desire I currently have to vomit. Ugh. And a bit more. I had suspected that the ridiculous amount of flies entering the house this year was to do with the wheelie bins, but having just been to put something in the wheelie bin and found it swarming with maggots I'm now prepared to put money on it.
Fortnightly collections during this weather are insane, in 2006 when the weather was consistently much hotter than now there weren't these problems.
Does anyone know how to deal with this problem once the bins have been emptied? Particularly how a mobility impaired person can deal with it?
Excuse me, I'm off to be sick now whilst the local children play with the bins.


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It's what was predicted when they swtiched to fortnightly. It's absolutely ridiculous, as you say.

We have a mobile wheelie bin cleaning service around here - perhaps you could make enquiries as see if there's one near you? They come around with high pressure hoses and clean the thing out for you.

Meanwhile, the only advice I have is to wrap everything securely.

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well when the bin has been emptied throw some dettol in, get it swilled around, and leave for a bit, do the same in the lid, get someone to help do this if need be

when filling it up, just put stuff in wrapped in bin bags

throw a bit dettol in, or spray the dettol spray in, with the first bin bag that goes in each time

Jeyes fluid will work for the bin. Mint in flower pots or some cut hanging near open windows and doors will deter flies.

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Parasitic wasps are always fun, though maybe not that effective in bins.


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Find out where your local councillor lives and dump it in their garden.

No best not do that someone got fined for doing such a thing the other day.

Unixman: Got any?

Jay: It was and I know it's a much bigger problem in other areas than mine, I've heard of people having to keep their rubbish in the fridge or freezer to combat the pest issue.

Anon: Jurid? Thank you, I've ordered a new bin because having permanent puddles of water on the lid means the water goes in the bin every time you open it, making it worse. Hopefully a new bin will be much easier to keep clean-I'll be stocking up on dettol!

DD: Thank you for that tip about mint, what an excellent idea!

Faceless: Do I want to know what a parasitic wasp is?

TFA: Did they really?! I'm sure we can get up a collection to help pay the fine ;)

They only collect your garbage every 2 weeks? Is this some sort of money saving scheme on the part of your local government?

We pay for private collection services, and quite frankly, I'm glad. The town I live in here does not have its own sanitation dept., so most folks use private services. (A common practice here in the states outside of large cities.) If they tried something like pick-up every 2 weeks in the city of Rochester, there would be hell to pay for it.

The only thing worse than seeing maggots in a garbage can is seeing them on people, which I did see occasionally working as a paramedic.

MrN: Nail/head ;) Yes this is all about saving money...of course under the disguise of saving the planet. Local authorities argue that we still receive a weekly collection as they collect rubbish one week and recycling the following. The big laugh is the amount of stuff that should be recycled but can't be because of lack of facilities, an example is plastic milk cartons can go in the recycling-the lids can't.

We pay for the collection via our council tax which increases every year. The thought of private refuse collection seems quite bewildering to me!

As for maggots on people, I take it you don't mean the grown in a lab for medical use kind ;)

"We pay for the collection via our council tax which increases every year. The thought of private refuse collection seems quite bewildering to me!"

Not surprised, as I know this is not a common practice in the UK. In most large American cities, it is the same as by you, with taxes paying for garbage collection. (The exception being businesses that sometimes use private refuse services as well.)

In smaller suburban towns however, it can vary. We pay a quarterly fee to have our garbage picked up once a week by Waste Management, a worldwide company. They are very reliable, and the only thing that changes from time-to-time is the actual day of the pick-up.

"As for maggots on people, I take it you don't mean the grown in a lab for medical use kind ;)"

Not unless these people were selling themselves for medical experimentation. ;-)

Simple solution - vote the bastards out. That's what happened in my area. We had a stinkingly incompetent Liberal Democrat council who took away our weekly bin service. We voted them out, and now have our weekly refuse service back.

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Catching up on your blog. Sounds like you have similar problems to our trash issue in my area. My neighbors put stuff in the trash that falls out and all over the place. In fact, sometimes they prefer not to use the trash at all. Makes me so angry.