Britain's Missing Top Model - Episode 3

7/15/2008 10:25:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 11 Comments

Judges, can you say brain injury? No? Anyone? B r a i n I n j u r y. There you go, not too difficult after all is it. Funny thing about the brain, it does all sorts, some things we understand, some we are yet to discover, but I'm fairly confident I don't need a medical degree to state that personality comes from the brain. Here's another funny thing. Brain injuries don't just impact on the physical part of us. They affect the mental part as well in a way that most people would like to pretend doesn't happen. Which is why it was so disturbing to see an all out attack on the personality and behaviours of someone who's experienced a serious brain injury. Whilst the behaviours in question may have been inappropriate they paled to a minor social transgression in the fervent light of a judge driven by his own personal prejudices (sexual harrassment of men anyone?) eventually letting it slip that he just couldn't put up with Jennie, the girl in question.
It must just have been easier to accept her physical wobbling.

On the other hand...Sophie, Sophie, Sophie. She owned that catwalk and damn did she look incredible!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Do you have a link to anything on this story. I have not heard of it and it sounds very interesting.

Maddy said...

Didn't see it whilst I was home, but I believe BBC America is going to take pity on me. I did hear the interview on the Ouch podcast though. Thank you technology fairies!

That's the main website, I don't know how to do links in comments sorry.
As Maddy says BBC America look set to run the series so maybe you can catch it there if the iplayer services don't work in the USA?

Maddy: Isn't technology fantastic! Last night's episode made for very uncomfortable watching in places, but I still think it's important that the series is shown.

Casdok said...

I did cringe at those judges remarks last night, but it just highlights what we have to put up with as people just dont get it!

Cas: Exactly. I think it's so important that these issues are raised in the public domain, but I was surprised at the lack of understanding from some of the judges, you'd think that as part of the planning of the show they would have sought advice on all the girl's conditions?!
Lets hope it starts to promote more debate and steps towards understanding x

Anonymous said...

disability is an ethnic group youre not normal so therefore your different its been 10 years now since i lost my little angel to brain damage/injury 15th july 1998 she would have been seventeen this year time heals apparently ......

Trixie said...

Dammit, has it been a week and I've missed it again?

You need to give me a warning when it's on! lol.

J: I'm really sorry to hear about your daughter, yesterday must've been the anniversary. I know only too well from one of my closest friends how ignorant most people are about the loss of a child, hugs BG x

Trix: I'll try to remember next week, but for now it's on iplayer!

Joanna Cake said...

I watched on iPlayer. I have to say that I never really warmed to Jennie - but then that's probably part of the problem that she's been left with after her accident. And is it really necessary for the model to have a lovely personality? I mean, recent press coverage shows that some of the best are not all sweetness and light. The thing is, Im not quite sure what it is that they're looking for... and I dont think the judges are either. Although clearly some of them need to go to charm school!

Someone who is photogenic, physically able to wear the clothes to their best advantage and is able to fit in to the normal hectic model schedule but has a disability that is hidden or can be compensated for? Or someone who is obviously disabled? I wonder if any of the 'models' who started in the original line-up have the stamina/physical wherewithal to keep up with the schedule, especially in terms of wearing those heels!

But I also know that I certainly couldnt walk gracefully in them.

Anonymous said...

Self centered crap the universe does'nt revolve around you and your unearned income from handouts.

Anonymous: How kind you are to infer such status upon me. You've clearly really enjoyed and understood this blog.