Nicely does it!

7/21/2008 11:55:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 5 Comments

On the same day reforms of the benefits system are announced I am not surprised to see a separate announcement, namely that NICE want to limit the medications needed by those with rheumatoid arthritis.

We've been told that these welfare cuts reforms will apply to all but the most sick and disabled claimants so I can only assume that reducing access to vital medications is part of the overall masterplan to help achieve that.


Dave said...

Hi BG,
Rumour has it that these payments are available to anyone who can collect them in person.
The office is in Ulan Bator and the last stage of the journey involves walking over broken glass. When you get back the various hand picked key janglers and actually enter the place where the benefits are given out you can claim yours by reaching up and grabbing it. Unfortunatley the person holding the cheque thinks it funny to move the cheque out of the way as you reach up for it.
If, after all that, you are successful in bagging yours, you will be told that as a consequence of all this, you aren't really ill or disabled at all and it is withdrawn and you have to go get a real job.
Exciting world isn't it? And they worry why people are drinking themselves to death!

Nicey said...

Its a complete bunch of arse !

Rachael said...


I watched the lunchtime news and the two stories followed each. First about IB and moving people into work, next the unfairness of RA drugs - things are getting very silly in this country.

Still enjoying your blog, still keeping me sanish in current welfare climate - good to know I am not alone in my thoughts.

All the best to you

Anonymous said...

My poor mother, after years of serving the NHS, now has to fight for what she is supposedly entitled to from that same organisation. She paid in her dues, she worked beyond retirement age, and when she was told she should have the flu jab despite her reluctance because if everyone did it would reduce the load on the NHS, she did. It triggered chronic inflammatory polyarthritis and now - from being a healthy, active eighty-year old woman, she is now disabled and dependent, and NOW THEY WANT TO TAKE HER CHOICE OF DRUGS AWAY???


Heaven knows she has enough to put up with, even when her pain is relatively well controlled. And during the periods of flare ups, I have her on the phone in tears of despair and fright. She's already having to switch from one drug to another to keep her able to manage alone. What do they want? Do they want her in an old folks home, which will cost them a whole heap more?

Anonymous said...

What can I say.... when times get rough, people get mean, and meanness wins votes (or at least, politicians and certain newspapers think so...). What isn't making the headlines is the latest PFI's funneling your cash into the pockets of private industry. The tales I could tell... ah, but I need my monthly 30 pieces of silver to pay the rent.