The price of beauty

7/10/2008 09:51:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 10 Comments

I keep hoping that this isn't true, after all it is a certain paper. Tragically I know it is not just that its true, it is that its far from unique.

via NHS Exposed


Unknown said...

What a horrible story! I really feel for those women.

gemmak said...

How completely outrageous!!! I'm speechless, well actually I'm not but it wouldn't be 'printable'!!

Anonymous said...

That is just wrong on so many levels!

I think the worst thing about it is that it smacks of the 'beautiful' and 'normal' maintaining their position by knocking everyone else down. It makes me want to spit. And worse.

I can only hope that those poor girls can rise above this and not let it make them feel in any way inferior to those people in the shop. They aren't inferior - in fact they're a good deal better!!

cogidubnus said...

IF things are just as they are stated, then in my view the salon got off far too cheaply...on the other hand, if the reporting is merely sensationalist hype then the Mail ought to be compenating the salon owner...

Either is possible...because, as you imply but don't say, it IS that mad lying right-wing crud-rag fit only as a diarrhetics relief...

Fire Byrd said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this vain and stupid beauty shop owner couldn't see it. What a narrow minded bigot.
This has made me very cross, so I'm going to save my wrath for somewhere else, otherwise I'll be here all night ranting.

James Higham said...

What's not true?

Wordsmith: Hello, how are you? Unpleasant isn't it?!

GemmaK: Yes, that was my feeling too, and partly why I couldn't begin to comment further than providing a link. Sigh

Jay: Exactly! It has a really unpleasant feel of the worst kind of bullying quite aside from the discrimination issue

Cogi: My dear why would I need to do anything other than imply when I have you to spell it out so eloquently ;)

BB: Too right! There really is something particularly unpleasant about this story

James: The linked story which as mentioned being in a certain paper could or could not be correct. I was being lazy and trying to save my hands but to precis a beauty salon refused access to several disabled girls referring to their wheelchairs as pushchairs and saying they were scaring off the other customers.

cogidubnus said...

You wouldn't expect subtlety from me, surely?

Or they could have simply taken their trade to a salon that will serve them like any other customers.

I spent several years unable to walk very far or stand for any length of time due to a major M.E. relapse. Tesco and Asda provided electric scooters, so they got my trade. Sainsbury and Morrison didn't, so I didn't spend any money with them. it's that simple.

What concerns me is that this large compensation payout, out of all proportion to the harm done, will lead to a nasty backlash against disabled people.

SL: Hello, thanks for your comment. Yes, the girls could and did go elsewhere, just like anyone can...that is in towns where there are other places to go which are also accessible.
The real point here though is that salon staff thought it was acceptable to state these girls were scaring off other customers and that they had no room for their 'pushchairs'. Considering the size of compensation payouts given for all manner of ridiculous 'harms' I think that £4500 between 3 girls is very low. It's also not the point.
I can't see a backlash against disabled people for this kind of incident, the way disabled people are portrayed by govt and media as scrounging unworthy scum is quite another matter however.