Movin' on up

12/30/2008 10:42:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 9 Comments

Are you all sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin......

I've found a flat! A ground floor flat that I can afford. In a great location, with a great view. Well, not from the flat itself, but this is the view from standing in the middle of the road just outside the flat. Looks a bit wet and grim in the photo with the tide out, but it'll be fantastic for death walking. I shall probably invent a new death walking experience as it's hip breaking weather a bit windy all year round. Mary Poppins eat your heart out!

The flat was the only property I've seen advertised with a rent which housing benefit or Local Housing Allowance as it will be when I move will cover. Outside of London and the kind of insane rents paid by local authorities reported with glee by the Daily Mail,
the situation for those reliant upon HB or LHA is much the same as it's always been, ie mostly significant rent shortfalls. So it's an enormous relief to find a flat which is on the ground floor, affordable and doesn't object to kitty#2. I do have some significant concerns, the electricity is on a coin meter for one. Total and utter nightmare even if it is set at the same Kwh rate as the electricity suppliers charge. There is also no bath, just a shower which may be a problem. All jokes aside my biggest concern is that so close to the beach the wind is very strong and I may well not be able to get in or out of the flat for periods of time. It's all very exciting though!

The next few weeks are ridiculously busy for me with packing, moving, trip to see the bendy people specialist and more, so I don't expect to be back posting until after the 16th of January, and that is assuming I've got broadband connected by then. Happy New Year to you all, and I'll be back posting from my new home as soon as I can.


alhi said...

Great news for a new year! Hope you're all settled ASAP and very happy there.

Have a great new year.

Unknown said...

Woohoo, Bendy, that's a result! Am very pleased for you.

Wordsmith Towers is also relocating - on Monday to the bright lights of Manchester - so I shall be empathising in bucketloads about the hassles of moving.

Good luck with it all. Have a great New Year and see you when your broadband gets reconnected. xx

Elaine said...

Have a well-earned Happy New Year. Enjoy the new flat.

Mary said...

ooh, fantastic! I'm jealous - I miss the sea.

Happy New Year, and hope the move goes as smoothly as possible.

Casdok said...

So pleased for you.
All the best for your move and the year ahead. x

Anonymous said...

I am immensly relieved and pleased for you. A fantastic view on those days when you can't go out for fear of doing a Mary Poppin's impression!! Hope the moving is done by big butch helpers and that the housing benefit goes without a hitch. Wishing you mega good luck at specialist bendy clinic and will keep my bendy fingers well and truly crossed for the forthcoming changes in your life. I will send that email,promised myself so have to! Am a bit worried about coin key meter,hoping it is low enough apart from anything for you to reach! Its possible due toyour disabilities it could be changed to at least a key type. Thinking of you and really hope this one is paceable, I do not want to hear of any bendy bits going wrong due to overuse, cat on your lap is your only task I hope. Take my bendy friend.
love Achelois.

Rachael said...

Really happy for you BG. All the best to you and your readers for the New Year.


Anonymous said...

Oh YAY!!! I was only just wondering today how you were getting on and tadaa there you are in my reader with a brand new flat.. I am really relieved for you... See you soon xoxoxoxox Kim

oh the verification thingy is SESSALL which is pretty close to seaside dont you think??? lol well it reminds me of she sell seashells..

Well done bendy! Enjoy the view. I'm so pleased for you and dips in the ocean is so bracing at this time of year (not) now you MUST get a pair of binoclulars as they will come in handy for watching the men in their skimpy swimming trunks. trust me, I live near the ocean and binoculars are a necessity!