Hip Popping!

4/26/2009 08:18:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 13 Comments

I'm not entirely sure we've managed to capture the movement, but this is a clip of me popping my hip in and out of it's socket. Be warned, although I think you can't really see anything Fruitrock went quite green!


steph said...

Look out, Bendy

You'll start a new craze...

Hip Pop!

Steph: Groan ;) Only bendies need apply!

Dark Side said...

If it's all the same to you darl, I won't view, blood and guts fine, cracking bones.....gets me everytime....xx

Gordie said...

Well now, isn't that interesting? Is it painful? Does it have any (..umm...) advantages?

alhi said...

Really interesting!

Do you really walk like that clip of the cat with some disorder that you put up a while back?

PS: it def is Bendycat keeping you single: chuck him out!

DS: Best not then honey, I can't hear the hip noises but my ankle does decide to snap to make up for it;) Funny isn't it that there's alway s something which'll gross us out!

Gordie: 'ello, nice to see you here:) Yes, it's very painful, and yes it does have certain advantages too ;)

Alhi: Bendycat heard your suggestion so promptly decided to convince me she's far too feeble to cope elsewhere by vomiting all over the kitchen floor!
As for how I walk, if I'm just pottering about my flat not too badly, you perhaps wouldn't notice the hip movement...however by the time I've tried to walk outside for 20+meters say it'll be increasingly obvious. I think I walk a bit like one of those old fashioned dolls which had the funny joints (no shock there!) where you sort of see the hip being rotated in the socket rather than any kind of smooth movement. I'll have to get F to film my walking instead of failing to describe it, however I appear to be a foot fetish star on youtube so it might have to wait! How are you? xx

Veronica said...

I watched, holding my breath the whole time. Then at the end, I realised that my hips do that too. So, I'm not green anymore!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't see too much hip-wise - but jolly nice to look at your bottom for 40 seconds.

Ok, so can this be classified as "EDS porn?" ;-)

alhi said...

I always thought I walked really funny before the op (I know I did, a kind surgeon told me at the age of 22 I walked with a wiggle: I comforted myself by telling myself that some people try to walk like me for years!) but only those people with some sort of hip problems noticed. And then came out in droves after the replacement to tell me how great I looked and how I was so much better!

bendycat def needs to go if he throws up!

Achelois said...

I do that too, hard to see just what it does on the footage though my guess is most of the men are just looking at your pert backside!! Your bums better than mine so will not be videoing me and my bendy body parts! Its ok when you have a handy wall to hang onto and a nearby sofa but when it happens outside people just think you are drunk I find as popping it back in in the middle of the street gets people crossing the road.

You do have a nice bum though! Does it hurt when you do that? My right ankle sounds the same first thing in the morning after having been broken 3 times. I am not as bendy as you though! Take care hun.


cogidubnus said...

Oh god...more iced water please nurse...don't do this to me Bendy!