Wednesday morning at 6.46 she is far away..

6/26/2009 10:37:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 7 Comments

On Wednesday morning at precisely 6.46am I was startled awake by a loud drilling type noise. Somewhat confused I stumbled off to the loo, dislocated a few joints, threw oxycontin down my throat and got back into bed, completing the exciting ensemble by putting in some ear plugs. I figured that with the good weather the builders working next door had started early. There was no more noise and I woke in a better mood a couple of hours later.

When I woke for the second time I thought it was a bit odd that I couldn't hear any building works, but thought if they'd started that early it was to avoid the heat. Or something.

Later in the day I asked the builders if they'd started work early. They said no, in fact they'd been later than usual. When my neighbours came home from work I asked them if they'd heard the noise, as it had been loud enough to shock me awake I assumed other people must've heard something. The neighbours hadn't heard anything. They thought maybe I'd got the time wrong as their son fell down the stairs very loudly about an hour later*, but I'd not heard that, probably because of the ear plugs**.

It was, frankly, all a bit of a mystery. I knew there'd been an actual noise as opposed to my dreaming it because Bendycat had also woken up but I was no further along in finding out what it had been. The builders had suggested perhaps the garage in the next road had been working early, and in the absence of any other reason I thought that must be the case.

Until about 6pm when I went to get something out of my bedroom. There are lots of loose floorboards in this flat. I've placed my bedside chest of drawers over the loose floorboard in my bedroom as it was previously loose enough to trip me up. The weight of the chest of drawers means that every time I go into my bedroom it sets off my touchlight alarm clock, but doesn't trip me up. Seemed like a reasonable trade off to me.

However, this time I realised the loose floorboard was setting off more than my alarm clock. As I stepped on it the loud drilling type noise started up again. Only not quite so loud as it had been when I was sleeping with my ear next to it. Loud though. In the way that only a vibrator switching itself on against a wooden drawer base could be.


*He's fine!
** A teenage boy living upstairs means I keep in a constant supply of ear plugs


Andy said...

"** A teenage boy living upstairs means I keep in a constant supply of ear plugs"

Sounds like its him that needs the earplugs ;-D

Timmargh said...

Hahaha, oops!

Veronica said...

I had this happen the other day, only it was Amy that had turned it on (don't ask what she was doing rummaging through my drawers) and then gotten freaked out and hidden it again.

Casdok said...

How funny!!

kingmagic said...

Lil sis...please do not let mum into the bedroom if its still there! What would you say? 'Its technological mice drilling a new mousehole in the skirting boards?'
(I'm not sure if thats the right excuse given the nature and intent of the said vibrator!)
take care lil sis...Big Bro x

cogidubnus said...

Laugh? I roared!

Dave the Dog said...

Oh God, having today just got out of Hosp after a heart attack last week I needed something to cheer me up. That did it in spades! You're a treasure BG. Thank you xxx