Skyn to Skyn

11/27/2009 02:01:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 12 Comments

Contraceptives have always been a bit of a sticky issue for me. Being bendy means being much more susceptible to the natural changes in flexibility caused by the female menstrual cycle. Over the years many, many disastrous experiences with various forms of hormonal contraception have left me with no wish to ever try another. An IUD which managed to get itself stuck half in, half out of my cervix a mere 24 hours after being fitted, requiring an unceremonious yanking out in A&E means I'm non too keen to try that option again. Medical opinion on the subject of diaphragms or caps is that due to the weak connective tissue found in Ehlers Danlos Syndrome I don't have the tissue strength to hold one in place properly. What all this really means is that the only realistic option I have for contraception is condoms. It couldn't possibly be that simple though cap it all...I'm too sensitive to latex to use a latex condom.

Until recently there was only one non latex condom readily available, the Durex Avanti. Fortunately for those of us with issues with latex the problem has become much more common, which has led to money and research into the issue. The Avanti did the job it was supposed to, as a safe, reliable condom but it didn't exactly feel great, and the interesting sound effect of 'shagging a crisp packet' never really helped the atmosphere! Durex Avanti's are also incredibly expensive, usually retailing for approximately £7 for 5 condoms. Unlike latex condoms, bags of which are often handed out for free in bars, universities or NHS clinics, if you need non latex condoms the NHS will fund 2 a week, and you'll probably have to travel to a specialist family planning clinic to collect them.

So, just before travelling to see The Best Man I was delighted to spot a new non latex condom in my home town's tiny branch of Boots. Made by Mates and called Skyn I was even happier to see that Skyn are sold in boxes of 12, which were on a buy 2 for £10 deal. That's so many more shags per pound sterling my poor brain can't even work it out!

As we all know, most condoms smell a bit..well, distinctively weird and unmistakably condom like. The first thing you notice about Mates Skyn is that there's no unpleasant smell. They also feel completely different when you handle them. Much more slippery in a comfortable kind of way than a typical latex or latex free condom. The Best Man informs me that Mates Skyn are also a comfortable fit, unlike most condoms which do rather tend to cut off the circulation to sensitive boy bits.

Mates Skyn are made from "Sensoprene which has a completely different structure to normal latex, making it thinner, softer and much more flexible, all with the strength of a latex condom." When using Avanti's I'm used to a background worry that the condom will split, which can be a particular problem in erm, the more petite woman. However, that's not a worry with the Skyn as they just feel more durable and less likely to decide to break open at the slightest hint of pressure. Happily coupled with that increased strength really is increased sensitivity, to the point where you can actually feel the texture and temperature of the other person's skin through the condom. I wouldn't go quite so far as to support the claim by Mates that the condom itself enhances sensation, but it certainly is the closest feeling to wearing nothing I've ever experienced whilst using a condom.

Thanks Mates, you've certainly made me a happy girl!


Wow, it sounds like there might be a condom that I can finally put up with.

I've used the avanti one in the past and it was dreadful, though not quite as bad as the femidom.

Thanks for the review.


Gordie said...

Thanks for putting in the hard work. I feel guilty about not liking condoms but I've spent twenty years carrying them around out of duty and throwing them away on their expiry date. They choke me, and my hands smell like I've been changing tyres, which really takes the edge of the mood.

R said...

I'm working on getting some latex free condoms, gloves and dental dams for the LGBT society library and safe space. Good to know what the better products are, so thanks!

Fire Byrd said...

and I was thinking you were just using vomiting as contraceptive!

Unknown said...

Thankfully that's not a problem I've had to deal with for many, many years.

Had a vasectomy 18 years ago.

It sounds like you've got the same problems with contraceptives that I do. Makes me wonder if the Mates condoms are available here.

Also explains how I conceived Amy while using a diaphragm, when I know damn well it was in the right spot. Heh.

Madison Rose said...

I never knew that condoms cut off circulation to boy bits. I feel ever so slightly ashamed of my self for not paying more attention to my partners, over the years.

Anonymous said...

I'll be honest... tried these today and I dont see how they can be claimed to be better than latex. I'd only use them if I developed a latex allergy. They feel worse than latex

diddums said...

this is one of the few reviews of the mates skyn i have found online, very good. Now to find the website that sells them the cheapest

Anonymous said...

Tried these today, 1st tym i felt like i needed lube as the oil js wore off and being inside, yes u are able to feel the warmth but its very less of a feeling to wearing nothing adding to the fact my girlfriend is very petite, wouldnt say they are the best but fairly ok, very strong though

Anonymous said...

Yep, I totally agree with your review. I've also changed from expensive Avanti to affordable Skyn. I've found Skyns very comfortable, easy to put on, pong-free, and even though they are very thin they inspire confidence simply because they feel more elastic, I always felt that the relatively inflexible Avanti was just about to split.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I totally agree with your review. I too have recently changed from expensive Avanti affordable Skyn. I've found them comfortable and easy to put on. And even though they are thin, they inspire confidence because they are more elastic than the relatively inflexible Avanti which I always felt they were about to split.