Withdrawl continues...

1/26/2010 06:22:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 2 Comments

I went to see my GP this afternoon. I've still not heard anything from Choose and Book so it's likely to be a few more weeks before I even know when the pain clinic appointment is. Its important for my GP to know what the situation is, particularly as they do the repeat prescriptions, something that's probably difficult to do if you don't know what dosage of a drug your patient is taking!

My GP was running late, there were a few people in the waiting room but only one person was moaning about why the doctors were running so far behind when there wasn't a crowded waiting room. When asked my opinion I suggested that was
typical for good doctors who spend the amount of time needed with their patients rather than sticking to whatever random number of minutes the latest government dictat has informed them patient care should last. I should've saved my breath as the woman immediately went back to saying it wasn't good enough, especially when not many people were waiting. What the two have to do with each other I don't know, but it took all I had not to start into a rant about people in the UK having no idea how lucky we are to have universal health care. In some countries people will walk for days and days just to see a doctor, whilst many in the UK can't manage a 10 minute wait in a warm waiting room without moaning.

When I saw my GP she was unimpressed to hear that I didn't yet have a date for the pain clinic. She told me to give it a couple more weeks and if it still hasn't come through then the practice will start chasing it up on my behalf. Last night I dropped the Oxycontin by a further 10mg meaning I'm now taking a 20mg dose three times a day. Even a drop of 10mg is noticeable so the plan is to continue for another two or three weeks at 20mg three times a day, then to drop the dose by another 10mg, initially just every other day to try and limit the more unpleasant withdrawl symptoms which seem to really kick in around that point.

I'm still eating wheat, a sign of just how miserable the withdrawl symptoms are. Usually eating even small amounts of wheat or gluten is akin to pouring concrete down my throat...which is why I decided to give it a try! It's not without it's problems or complicating factors but anything which limits the 5am poop or puke wake up call is a good thing. Especially if it involves pizza and biscuits!


Mmmm, pizza and biscuits...

Here's hoping the pain clinic gets back to you soon!

Achelois said...

Last pain clinic appointment I had, rather got the opinion that ehlers danlos is a pain! I can't remember whether you have ever attended an intensive pain management course or not (I know I know grandmother and eggs and all that) but I did find that helpful albeit it being a long time ago. My guess is they are waiting deliberately so the withdrawal is albeit over before they see you. I think you would be better staying with a mate in London and doing the UCHL one but I know that would be logistically problematical. The problem with pain clinics even though my local one is swanky new and cost millions is EDS as ever doesn't quite tick the right boxes. but they tend to be really 'nice' people which is a bonus. Old ladies do tend to stare and look like they want to hit you with their sticks as they can't see your invisible illness. If its a good pain clinic they will serve you well. If not revert to plan A and continue with GP who knows you well.

In the meantime could you try wheat free pizza or biscuits....

I know this may sound plain wrong but a 30mg dihydrocodeine as a short term solution to the withdrawal to prevent the run/puke situation early doors may do the trick. Not enough to cause dependence but enough to prevent the spasms. Just a thought unless you are aiming at holistic pain relief without medication at all. Not sure of your end aim on that front.

Well done for the mg drop.. eventually no more nasty drug.

Good luck BG.