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2/18/2010 01:27:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 11 Comments

It's off to pain clinic this afternoon. In about an hour which must be why I'm sat here blogging with dripping wet hair trying to have something to eat. Trying and failing, probably because I got into the bread at 7.45 am, shortly before BendyCat decided to vomit all over the bed. Whilst I was in it. I swear, if I didn't love that creature she'd be getting sold on ebay.

So, it was date no. 2 with Dr Heart last night. Ably assisted by my lovely neighbours I managed to put some kind of meal together. Actually that's a complete fabrication. I did manage to do the actual buying of food part, but the rest was entirely down to my neighbours. I did consider serving my favourite meal of oven chips, baked beans and grated cheese but felt that probably wasn't going to go down well with someone so health conscious. What on earth someone so health conscious sees in a spazzed out pothead who semi permanently stinks of muscle rub I don't know, but he seems to and even brought chocolate. He's even texted today to send his compliments to the 10 year old chef.

Obviously this is doomed as he's far too nice.

Back to pain clinic. I've sort of, kind of got a plan. A plan that exists of more than an all out free fall panic. My appointment is with a doctor who I've seen previously. Before I was diagnosed with EDS and was a mentally nuts attention seeker. I'm anxious about the whole affair. There's so much pressure on doctors to be able to 'do something' in this kind of situation that it often results in that frustration being taken out on the patient. I've learnt to avoid that by making it very clear I have no expectations of miracle cures or even answers, just working to find a way forward, but the whole pre diagnosis thing is making me fret. Big time. These days I don't actually have to see any of the doctors who so judged me, which is fortunate as I had to in the early post diagnosis days and it was always an unmitigated disaster. This particular consultant certainly never labelled me as attention seeking nor treated me with anything other than courtesy, but still, it's probably not going to be the easiest situation for either of us.

Back to the plan. It's to keep reducing the Oxycontin in 10mg increments every 2-3 weeks. I need to find out if Oxycontin comes in 5mg doses as the final jump will be too difficult otherwise, and if not to try some Oxynorm (the immediate rather than controlled release kind of oxycodone) I also need to get something, not a controlled drug to try and limit the pain as I come off Oxycontin altogether. At the moment I'm leaning towards some form of codeine, and will have to wait and see if I can tolerate it without being a total space cadet.

Actually, I'll be happy just to get through the appointment without anyone getting upset about anything. Low expectations are the way to go!


Mike N said...

Aww ... I'll bid in Peeks if you eBay her ...

Fire Byrd said...

Good luck with the clinic.
Don't forget codeine just blocks the system up,not something you probabaly need!
And as for the man, well.....

alhi said...

Poor Bendycat: she sees you writing these things about her and decides to pay you back!

Hope the pain clinic goes well. The occ health doctor at my uni, who I had to see before starting, was the GP who dismissed my swollen knee, saying there was nothing wrong with me. A year later it was realised it was referred from my arthritic (75+year old) hip. I have no time nor respect for him at all.

Let us know how it turns out.

Achelois said...

Good luck at the pain clinic. Totally understand about hoping that no one gets upset!!

I have reasonable efficacy with dihydrocodeine plus oramorph plus Lyrica. Blocking up is not an issue if dietary adjustments are made and enough water is drunk. We buy prunes in bulk in our house!!!

Will be keeping my bendy fingers crossed for you that the appointment is productive! Please do let us know.

Thinking that the good doctor now he realises that you struggle to cook with the EDS will take you out to dinner mostly in future dates!!


Unknown said...

Well, it's 5 in the afternoon where you are as I write this - so I assume your appointment is completed and I hope things went well. I am also glad to hear there is a MAN in your life who seems to be nice. Well done you. xoxox

bendy rebel said...

hope your appointment goes/went well. My last experience at pain clinic was rather amusing, i thought it went ok at the time but then got a copy of the letter that was sent to my gp and found i hadnt been listened to, it said my worst pain was in my shoulder which i definitely did not say, what i actually said was it varies! also i'd been led to believe i would be referred for a pain management course but the letter basically said i were in too much pain for that which of course makes perfect sense but only in the world of the nhs lol
but at least i got my morphine increased :)

Yep, oxycontin does come in 5mg tabs, I've got some here. But then, you probably know that by now.

Will twiddle thumbs and wait to see how it went for you.

Lankylonglegs said...

Happiness comes in the strangest packages sometimes ;)
Good luck at the PC, I'm fortunate in that Tramadol/Celebrex are working ok for me at the mo, hope you get sorted and this Doc isn't too offish with you.

MikeN: If you want her that much I'll trade her for your first born ;) If not, we could flog all 3 of 'em on ebay in a buy 2 nearly new kids, get a not nearly new vomiting kitteh for free!

FB: Thanks lovely!

Alhi: There's only one of us in charge in this flat...and it's definitely not me! I hope you don't have to still see that doctor? How are you btw?

Achelois: It all went surprisingly well actually, doc was lovely and v sensible. I'll blog details later. As for the other doctor I think he's rapidly realising life is a bit of a struggle for me;) Still, it's only been 2 dates, and I'm dating other ppl so we'll see!
BTW, any additional help come your way after the JD's post about B?

Lou: It did indeed go fine, thank you. As for the men, I have lots of lovely men in my life, just not one's I date. Roland delivered my dinner last night in full uniform, now that's what I call public service ;)

BendyRebel: Ah, pain clinics. My respect for this doctor went through the roof when he stated that they might know the medicine but that none of the staff have any idea what it's really like to live with pain. This is a guy I can work with!

Veronica: How weird is that, as it doesn't come in a 5mg tablet in the UK! The non controlled release kind do come in 5mgs though so it won't be too bad. How are you finding the Oxy/what kind of dose do you need to control pain? Also, are you able to use it for short periods of time w/out withdrawal issues? Xx

LL: Thanks hon, doc was great fortunately. I'll blog it later

Mike N said...


Done :)

(And you thought the cat was hard work ... !)

MikeN: Put him in a box & ship him over then, I'll pick him up from the post office next week. Bendycat is packing her bags and looking for her passport....well, she will when she eventually gets out of bed!