Bog Off - Exhibit 25 Euston Calling

6/08/2010 01:48:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 4 Comments

This Bog Off was sent in by BSS reader and previous Bog Off contributor Louise Bolotin

The two disabled loos on the concourse at Euston Station in London leave much to be desired. For one thing, they are very cramped - long but far too narrow. Anyone in even a standard-size wheelchair would probably have a problem trying to do a u-turn once inside. It's barely 4 foot wide.

The other major problem is that Euston is busy. Very busy. At all hours of the day and night. Consequently, I can pretty much guarantee that whenever I need to use the loo there, it will be dirty. Wet seats, wet floors and litter (mainly loo paper) are generally a given, as might a grubby sink be. And, depressingly, if the checklist on the wall is accurate, it normally only gets cleaned twice a day.
So I was pleasantly surprised last time I got caught short while waiting for a train because the loo I entered was spotless. I nearly peed myself in shock, to be honest.
The plus points are a huge, full-size mirror, a coat hook (yay!), frequently more rarely sighted than a yeti in a wheelchair, the door rail (why do so few crip toilets expect people with weak hand joints to push open a wide, heavy door using only the handle?) and - joy of joys - not one, but two alarms. The cord alarm is actually hanging free, just as it should be, touching the floor. And on the wall behind the door there is also a wall mounted emergency button, next to the reset.
I shall be back next week in Euston - I wonder if the loos will still be as sparkling clean?

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Charlene said...

Public restrooms in the States are almost always wretched; dirty, stinky, wet floors, wet seats, no soap, no hand towels, door latches missing or broken, no toilet tissue, unflushed or unflushable toilets. I have no more hope that the handicapped facilities are better in any of them.

I avoid them. This limits my time out in the public. When driving the US interstates, I've had the best luck with large McDonald's that have play parks. It seems more attention is paid when children are using the toilets, than any of us adults.

Lankylonglegs said...

Wow! I'm impressed!
I approve of the colour changes too, the blue (or should that be Bloo?) seat and safety rails offer a good contrast for those with sight problems too.(Even a rail behind the user just under the tank)

Well done Euston.

Yes, it's definitely improved a bit recently. Not sure if the loos had a proper makeover or someone's just taken a bit more thought. I'll be in Euston again tomorrow and Friday and I will definitely be re-inspecting them!

Sarah said...

There I was thinking that as far as colours go its the best I've seen in ages, and then they go and paint the door to match the rail.

But if the door was white the coat hanger wouldn't be visible...

Can Louise confirm whether the rails are the full on nylon coated warm touch kind? (There's always a further level of accessibility to aspire to).