Where's The Benefit?

8/16/2010 05:59:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 7 Comments

I move flat sometime over the weekend/start of next week, still have DLA forms to do and it's August meaning the blogosphere is pretty dead, so while I'll still be tweeting I won't be blogging much for the next few weeks. 

A group of us UK based disabled bloggers have set up a new blog, Where's The Benefit to try and rally support against the proposed cuts to disability and sickness related benefits. We need all the help we can get so please head over there and check it out.


Rach said...

Doesn't seem five minutes since the last move, hope it all goes well and I am now following you in twitter..xx

Fire Byrd said...

I'll pop over than check the blog later.
Hope the move goes okay and YOU don't exhaust yourself too much.

Joanna Cake said...

Good Luck with the move and take it easy!!!! x

Good luck, I can't do much from the states, but I'll be pulling for you.

Nemonie said...

Hi Honey,

I saw this and thought of you. For your new flat and when your hands don't feel like holding your keys. Remote controlled front door lock, using a key-fob just like for a car key. This is such an obvious idea and incredibly useful for us crips. Also half price at Homebase at the moment!!!

Now you just need some nice chap or chapette to fit it for you.

Nemonie said...

Grrr. Blogger ate my link in my previous comment.

The item is called a Locca One Remote Control Door Lock.

Achelois said...

I thought I had commented brain gone. Wishing you luck with your move. Look out for a private message on facebook from me please when I remember my password.

Wishing you every happiness in your new flat *up the road?

I don't understand why your blog does not show in my blog list> Any ideas. Others don't either its pissing me off.

I remember you disappeared from blogging this time last year and missed you, although I am boring and don't twitter. What would I write afterall - I am a pain, in pain. The kitten now poos outside. I hate neurologists. I guess thats why I don't do it don't feel at all hip enough to participate.

Have checked out the link. Wishing you every crossed double finger for dla claim. Mine's supposed to be indefinite or infinite or whatever they say these days but by 2013 I expect they will have decided disability is extint. Makes my dodo pic more relevant on facebook than I think!

Thinking of you often BG and hope all the stress of moving and dla renewal isn't too awful.

Big gentle hug and relying on you to change the benefits system - you are the only person I know (albeit virtually) that I think has the drive to do it.

Commented too long as ever, its that lack of sleep thing going on again. Ashamed sorry.