I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles

8/30/2010 06:39:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 12 Comments

The above sight makes me happier than I can tell you*. Despite a bit of a miserable day (thank you hormones) where I feel like I could weep, the grin still spreads across my face whenever I remember - I have a bath! A bath, of my own. After 18 months of being a total bath scav wherever I went. My friends were great and all volunteered their baths, but trailing round to your mate's with your towel and sponge just isn't the same as having your own bath, especially as the times I need a bath the most are the times I'm least able to get out and about. 

The record so far is three baths in a day. 

Like I said, the bath makes me very, very happy. So does the rest of my new flat. It's clean, new and there is soundproofing. I love the soundproofing. I love ChildSlave but ChildSlave loves to hang out at the bottom of the stairs, which, in my old flat were the other side of a bit of flimsy MDF. 11 year old girls aren't known for being quiet, especially if they are safely out of their parent's hearing and into someone else's. 

The other bit of particularly good news is the slugs failed in their application for squatter's rights and have been left behind in the old flat. BendyCat is delighted as she feared the cat food loving slugs. She was however, less impressed with the move, although I wasn't sure if that was the actual moving or the fact that it was BendyVet and Ben doing the moving. I found moving, supposedly one of the most stressful life events, to be psychologically restful after several weeks attempting to fill out my DLA application.

 I'm not sure if the hormones or the knowledge that I have to go back to finishing off my DLA form tomorrow was the cause of the pity party I had myself this morning when I thought my mobility scooter had gone kaput. Lovely Carer rode the mobility scooter she'd been storing for me here this morning, and had to phone to say she'd broken down. We weren't sure if it was the battery, some wheel affecting levery thing GangstaGuy had given a lecture that neither of us retained on, or a combination of both that caused the breakdown, but fortunately next door's teenage boy has managed to sort it all out and the scooter works. Woohoo! It even works enough to have transported both the teenage boy and I on a test drive so I'm sure it'll be much happier with just my weight to drag about. It's a good job really as I got myself into quite the state this morning when I remembered it was three years to the day that I wrote about missing out on a local event due to lack of appropriate mobility aid, and had myself a weep about how nothing had changed. 

Then this afternoon as I sat in my front garden watching the Spitfire loop the loop I realised just how much things have changed in those three years. One neighbour passed by and offered to push me to the pub with them, another dropped in to see how I was getting on in the new flat, then the boy next door fixed the scooter for me. 

Oh...and I have a bath...a bath! Which is where I'm headed now....

*Photo is of a bath filled with hot, bubbly water and a clear bath pillow with decorative purple feathers inside it.


steph said...

Oh, Bendy

I'm so happy for you.

When life is bad, it can be very, very BAD.
But when life is good...
you sure know how to how to celebrate it!


Emma said...

Congrats! I can totally empathise with you, I have EDS and spend a vast amount of my time in the bath, it is the closest thing to relief available! Do you do hydrotherapy? Emma x

I'm more of a shower person, but I can see why you're pretty happy. I'll leave you to luxuriate in the bubbles.

A bath! Oh god, baths are great. I'd use mine more, if they didn't make me throw up afterwards. Or if the kids didn't decide to jump in with me, every time.

Hope you're all settled.

Rach said...

Wow, sounds great and really pleased to hear you have settled so quickly..xx

Burtie said...

I feel your DLA-form pain.

I got a renewal form in February, due in July. Slit the top open, peeked, threw it on the mantelpiece and cowered with fear until the end of june, as if it was a monster.

I couldn't sleep, eat or function because of the fear of the form.

When I finally opened it I relaised my fear was for nothing. It was a 4 pge renewal form and 40 pages of "Do you need this form in Urdu or large print?" and "Look how great the DWP is!" bumf.

Sadly I answered the only 4 questions (Confirm your name, NINO and address, tell us who your doctors are, have you had a DWP examination in the last year, and what has changed?)

I filled them in, told them my mobility was much worse and that the local council will only give BBs to those on HRM or with terminal cancer, and that my wheelchair doesn't qualify in their eyes, ad postged it.

I got a 'Thank you for your claim, you'll hear from us in 8 weeks' letter a week later. A month after that got a letter saying "Based on the claim form you filled in we've decided to award you LRM and LRC because you can't [blah blah]". Sadly this is only until 2015"

Erm.. I didn't submit a claim form, and the "You need help in strange places but you can walk Xm without [symptom]" is bullshit! Wheelchair. No walky!

So now I'm having angst and sleeplessness from the prospect of having to call them. Ugh. Never ends!

Burtie said...

Arse. That should be "Sadly I filled it in, but they ignored it anyway"

Julie said...

I'm most relieved to hear that that picture is nothing more than a bath pillow. I was swithering between a new species of octopus and something unspeakably biological..

Glad you're enjoying the bath. I miss mine; I had it ripped out two years ago to make way for a wetroom for my mum and don't have the will to go through the trauma of having the floor ripped up again. Managed to have a bath at the weekend at a place that I was staying.

Achelois said...

I think there is something wrong with my eyes - I thought it was a picture of a condom...

To Bertie - what is a BB? I am confused but thats nothing new.

BG - I could not do without my bath - it is my lifeline. Despite the fact I have to lie down for a very long time after them for a variety of very boring reasons I love love love them.

I could not be more pleased that you have your own your very own bath. Yippeeeeeeee....

I think we need to move to the town - a mobility scooter would be of no use to me in this village unless I wanted to go have a conversation with some pigs. Which is why I need a lightweight electric/battery? wheelchair. Its becoming an essential item on my wish list.

Although I doubt you are on line I expect you are in the bath - again!!!!!!!!! Happy Days.

This post has made me smile.

Fire Byrd said...

Oh I understand the joy of the bath. It's my place of solace when I need time to regroup myself into some semblance of order emotionally and mentally.
So when's the open day then?

Burtie said...

Achelois - sorry, 'Blue Badge' that allows whoever's driving me to park in accessible spaces. Sadly, here, they're not dished out according to what impairments you might have, but which rate of DLA you're on.

My local council's website says "Blue Badges will only be issued to those receiving the Higher Rate Mobility component of DLA, or those diagnosed as having less than six months to live. If you feel your circumstances warrant a badge please contact us."

So I contacted them, waited patiently, and six weeks later got a letter that said ""Blue Badges will only be issued to those receiving the Higher Rate Mobility component of DLA, or those diagnosed as having less than six months to live. If you feel your circumstances warrant a badge please contact us".

After going around in circles for months I gave up. It's great seeing taxis parked in disabled spaces while I have to wheel myself across muddy car-parks in the rain, because I don't tick enough boxes. I wouldn't dare illegally park in a disabled bay either, even though my wheelchair use would almost justify it.