Bog Off - Exhibit 28 Student Style!

9/08/2010 11:17:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 3 Comments

This Bog Off was sent in by @Trufflepotamus, a student at The University Of East Anglia.

My source tells me that the disabled toilets in the accessible student bedrooms are huge wet rooms which are rather good, but this particular toilet seems to have been nothing more than an exercise in ticking boxes. So much so that not only is it not labelled as a disabled toilet, it hasn't even merited a toilet label of it's own. Poor loo, it must be very lonely all on it's own in a corridor facing a glass door without a sign to let anyone know it can be visisted! 

The photos are all taken from standing in the doorway as the door didn't actually open fully and got in the way. 

As I haven't seen this Bog Off in person, it's tricky to comment on the dimensions, but from the photos and impossible to open fully door, it certainly appears as though it would be very difficult to get a wheelchair in there, even a wheelchair as small as my child sized one probably wouldn't fit. The grab rails are a different colour from the walls, which makes them easier to see but there don't appear to be enough rails in the right places to enable transfer, even if a wheelchair could be slotted somewhere between the toilet, the wall, the sanitary disposal bin and the normal bin.

There's also no don't bother to bring your lip gloss!


Julie said...

Ah yes, the out-of-reach rail. A classic situation. Because everyone with a disability can bend double to reach, can't they? Least the sanitary bin isn't rammed between the wall and the toilet seat, but has a bit of space. A small consolation as you're falling off the seat..

Lankylonglegs - Jo said...

I'll not be rushing off to use this one then for sure :o)
doubt I'd get my fat ass in the door lol

Sarah said...

I would say that's an 'ambulant' not an 'accessible'. That is, a wee bit of extra room for crutches or a frame. It doesn't look wide enough even for a bare minimum turning circle, and clearly hasn't got the full set of rails.

Mind you, the rails they do have are no good to anyone over there...

And what is it with those big bins? Are they the height of waste disposal fashion?