Disability Now's Pick Of The Blogs

9/01/2010 10:02:00 am BenefitScroungingScum 2 Comments

Big thanks to fellow disability blogger Sarah Ismail for listing me as one of her favourite blogs in her 'Pick Of The Blogs' article for Disability Now

You can see the other blogs Sarah picked as her favourites in the full article at Disability Now.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! This has made my day :)

splodgums said...

I found your blog because of the DN article. As a result I have found loads of useful links, interesting things to read and signed up to a whole load of new blog feeds - just what I needed, more reasons to stay on the computer for too long!

I'm another Bendy, by the way. In fact if I took a photo of my legs right now you could add it to your facebook album, I reckon! (Do you have backwards elbows?)