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9/28/2010 04:53:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 5 Comments

 LavNav is a wonderful example of universal design.  Perhaps initially aimed at a post 11pm, somewhat inebriated, home from the pub crowd it looks and acts cool whilst also providing a valuable service to those in need of accessible products. 

LavNav is designed to avoid those middle of the night, bleary eyed, mostly male, miss the toilets moments.  It acts as a nightlight, directing the light into the toilet bowl so the toiletee can see well enough to aim correctly without the harsh glare and unwelcome wake up factor which comes with turning on the main bathroom light. The light is red if the seat is up and green if it’s been left down indicating it’s safe to sit there without falling into or off the loo! The different colours and directed light would also make LavNav a fun way to teach toilet training skills. 

LavNav incorporates clever motion detectors which have been extremely effective so far. As someone too petite to set off the motion detectors commonly used for automatic doors I was a tad concerned about the potential for being rejected by my own night light. However, the motion detectors in LavNav have been extremely effective so far, probably because a deliberately wide range of motion has been used to make this product suitable for every sized night time toilet tripper. I feel all included, which is nice, and it’s nice to let you know that the motion detectors can be activated by small and big kids alike. 

LavNav requires two AA batteries. It has a sticky pad on the back so that it can be affixed to the underside of the toilet lid. It has to be placed quite precisely or the red and green warning system won’t work, the position has to enable the lifted up seat to obstruct the sensor so it knows what colour it should shine. That makes it a little tricky to fit if you have any issues with manual dexterity but it’s so quick and easy it shouldn’t be hard to find someone willing to help you out with the fitting. The sticky pad caused me a few nervous moments about leaving the toilet lid down, especially as I like to balance my laptop on the closed toilet seat so I can watch movies in the bath. I’m not sure Health and Safety would approve but I could do with some of the sticky pad stuff to put on the soles of my feet to keep my upright and anchored to the floor, it’s that good!

I already had a nightlight, one of those feebly glowing orange plugins which just wasn’t powerful enough to reach from the hallway to illuminate the toilet safely. LavNav has an impressive glow, without being harsh on the eyes it provides enough light to let you stumble safely to and from the loo, although it can’t protect you from a natural ability to stumble excessively, whatever the cause of that stumbling may be! 

LavNav is available from a range of retailers, starting from approximately £12 making it an affordable, practical and fun nightlight.


Anonymous said...

Have you thought about sending this to Disability Now for 'tried and tested?'

Scribbler said...

'Motion detector'...

giggle, chortle!

SD: I hadn't...but that's a really good idea, thank you ;)

Scribbler: LMAO!

Anonymous said...

No probs :)