Supermarket Sweep

12/05/2010 01:11:00 pm BenefitScroungingScum 5 Comments

 It's cold here but glorious out, the beach still frozen, snow capped Welsh mountains sheltering the flocks of feeding birds, so back from a beautiful deathwalk I decided the pavements had cleared enough to risk taking BendyBus to the shops for some supplies.

Of course once I got to the supermarket I remembered it was Sunday and that it doesn't open til midday, further delayed by a late delivery and cross shoppers having a go at the supermarket manager. There's not much open on a small town Sunday so I went for a cup of tea and read of the Daily Mail while I waited. I wondered if it will be possible to apply for Local Housing Allowance for three different properties and still claim it's perfectly within the rules now that "we're all in it together" 

Once the supermarket opened BendyBus and I headed in. Spotting something I wanted on a top shelf I made the executive decision that it was light so I could attempt to climb up the shelves and reach it down for myself, an action the gorgeous joiner has absolutely ruled out for my shelves at home. Obviously he doesn't know me as well as Roland who realises I'm likely to attempt Tarzan manouevres whatever he says and so builds anything to withstand his rather more substantial weight than mine. So, off BendyBus, onto my feet and up to the shelves dislocating a shoulder for that extra needed inch of reach. At which point I tipped the entire contents of the container I was reaching for a bit too far forwards and had no choice but to accept the inevitable shower of smoked salmon tumbling onto my head with good grace and lots of laughter. I think it made the woman next to me's day as she couldn't contain her giggles any more than I could. 

I carried on around the store managing to avoid ram raiding any elderly people or toddlers until I had to get round a tight corner to join the queue. There just wasn't quite enough room as the aisle was blocked by a promotional stack of beer crates...which I hit twice just to make sure I couldn't get through. A rather dashingly dressed Santa in the queue was stood next to a very hunky builder and they both offered their help. And places in the queue. Bless. 

My chivalrous builder stepped forward and tried to shove the stack of beer crates out of the way. They didn't budge, not even an was far too heavy. I got the giggles, particularly as the builder was bent over in front of me and quite nice looking, the builder went bright red and gave a superhuman shove managing to shift the beer crates just far enough so that I could get the scooter through. He then stepped back into the queue after offering me his place again and embarrassedly said he should've left the crates alone. 

Chivalry; alive, well, and able to make builders blush. That's my kinda Sunday!


Wheelie said...
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Wheelie said...

But ducks! You read the Daily Mail, the renowned purveyors of public outrage?

Whatever were you thinking of? ;)


BubbleGirl said...

A shower of smoked salmon? Definitly worth a dislocated shoulder in my books. Did you at least enjoy eating it afterward?

Joanna Cake said...

Yeah for builders bottoms! :)

Someguy said...

@Wheelie - It is often advantageous to monitor enemy propaganda; so we can be right on the ball when they slip-up somewhere and make as much of a fool out of them as we can.